Amazon Smart Phone from HTC?

Messing HTC with A Smartphone for Amazon?

Nothing is official yet, but the Financial Times reports that Amazon along with HTC developed several smartphones. One of the models could have a 3D interface and five cameras.

For years, rumors that the online-shopping giant wants to bring also a private phone in the market after the Kindle are circulating. According to the financial times HTC’s now sits just three smartphones for Amazon. When they go into the trade, remains to be seen, probably it will take until 2014 to it will give Amazon-phones on the market. It is, however, quite sure that Amazon – if it could be called so – will equip its Kindle-phone with a heavily customized Android’s interface. This is already the case with the tablets from Amazon, the Android operating system from Google is on them almost unrecognizable. For Amazon, it would be quite reasonable: the operating system would be fully focused on Amazon and accordingly would buy their apps, videos and E-books only from Amazon customers, not the competitor Google.

According to TechCrunch, and a user on hacker news, Amazon wants to bring 2014 two smartphones on the market: firstly a Premiumgerät on Android-based with five cameras and a 3D user interface, on the other hand one that in the low price segment is located. The 3D user interface of the premium Smartphone should can align themselves after the head and eye movements of the user and be equipped with a rear main camera and four other cameras which each are placed in the corners of the display and register the head and eye movements of the user.

The other, cheaper Amazon entry-level Smartphone will run probably fire OS with the operating system, which can be found also in the Kindle fire tablet. Amazon will be implemented on two smartphones in high secrecy. Probably, the online retailer will bring the first own smartphones on the market in the next year.