Amazon Offers Free Today Granny Smith and Tetris and This Month Gives Credit for Music

Amazon follow with constant offers to promote their applications for Android tablets and asmartphones shop, offering us every day a free application available 24 hours. However sometimes decides to throw the cas for sale and give more than one game, and not necessarily of poor quality, as it is the case today, in addition to over it together with any other promotions to take advantage of the online services of this shop.

Starting with the more modest promotion, Amazon will give credit to its music store. When a person downloading an application from its app store, either free or for payment, Amazon will send you €1 to your account to redeem it in music, so trying to convince people to try your service.

Turning to the theme of the games, today we find two sets of promotion, one well-known and other more independent. The first is a Granny Smith, a game of infinite lateral scroll with a great sense of humor that has garnered some criticism varied, but mainly very positive, created by Mediocre developer AB.

The second game is already a classic to kill time, and it is the legendary Tetris, owned by Electronic Arts. The game itself Play Store is in the free to play, having to pay to remove the advertising, while in the Amazon not us enocntramos any banner that we interrupt