Amazon Fire Kids Edition: Test of Small Children Tablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

Thick protective cover, special user interface for children kids Edition the Amazon fire is robust and easy to use. For parents important: Access to apps and the Internet can restrict without complications. At the end, the final score is sufficiently for the fire. It made itself in the test but no serious blunders: the design trimmed on the retail price, the slow pace and the moderate image quality were unsurprisingly for a tablet of this price class. Per order this product at Amazon comparatively high brightness acceptable battery life memory expandable special user interface for children thick protective sleeve in the package against moderate image quality slow work pace low camera quality thick construction only Wi-Fi n, NFC is missing mark of the editorial 3.58 cheap smartphones assess sufficient user rating now and convenient tablets are equally highly popular in children. But the devices are sensitive: the devices quickly with a technical knockout acknowledge a freefall Also, free access in the network and the unrestricted use of apps carries significant risks for the otherwise well preserved young. How about with a model designed specifically for children? Amazon has the fire Kids Edition just so a tablet in the program. What is the special thing about it? How is the fire? And what protection is there? These and more questions answered the test by our site.

Amazon fire Kids Edition (2015) in detail

Small chunks

Vanities are not appropriate for a very cheap Tablet: noble, delicate and lightweight models such as Apple’s 4 or Samsung’s Galaxy tab S2 are ipad mini 8.0 cannot be found in this price range. So any WOW effect when first contact is also in the fire. The Tablet is packaged in a plain black plastic housing, the back cover has something with a slight pressure. The scale will display exactly 314 grams, the fire is 10.8 mm thick. So the cheap Amazon tablet is something heavy and clunky for a tablet of the 7-inch class. It’s also no secret of the fact that Amazon’s financial controllers have fixed the red pencil in design and material.

Video on the subject

Amazon provides a 7-inch tablet with the fire Kids Edition specifically for children in its online shop How good and robust is the handy device? Tablet in the test: Amazon fire Kids Edition

Thick protective cover

Not Amazon has saved for the Accessories: the fire Kids Edition is a thick protective shell. What’s Special: The edge is very thick with 1 centimeter, the Tablet lies on a bed of lightly studded. In the test, the fire easily survived multiple falls, the impact on one of the four corners, it jumped to even several times like a rubber ball. Good: The case little covered the edge of the display. So also the communication center can be still comfortable by wiping across the top of down show. And the cut-outs for the controls and connectors are generous, so that the connection of headphones in a pesky fumbling to degenerate. Customers can, by the way the sleeve in pink or blue order.

To 8.4 inches: the lightest tablets

38 models see the lightest tablets

Moderate display

Display and technical data are identical to the normal Amazon fire. Shows also the screen of the kids Edition Web sites, games, and videos with only 1024 x 600 pixels. The image quality is thus not intoxicating, but sufficient. Negative were particularly low sharpness and the slightly distorted representation of colors. Good contrast: maximum brightness from maximum 484,4 candelas per square metre.

Scarce memory slows down the fire

Drive serves as the by no means weak MT8127 of mediatek, after all, a Vierkerner, which pulses with maximum 1.3 gigahertz. Now comes the but: because Amazon squinted again on the budget, it only gave the fire Kids Edition 1 gigabytes (GB) of memory. And he slows the pace. The inertia increases, when many games and apps are parallel open it requires not even brutal applications such as photo editing, card services or video software. The 5 Android-based operating system fire OS not optimally converges with the hardware. Users need some patience, or an application launches. Until the fire transforms inputs

Good battery life

Because the Amazon Fire has a high-resolution Display, nor a power-hungry Processor, it dispenses with comparatively long Socket: the Unit for intensive Use In the Test went only after seven Hours and 24 Minutes the Lights out during low Usage were even 21 Hours and 38 Minutes in there.

The best tablets

Leaderboard : Tablet-computer

Equipment incomplete

Smears must however make customers at the facilities. So is missing the fire Tablet GPS for use as a navigation device, the network is only for old Wi-Fi-n standard. Also the two cameras (front: 0.3 megapixel, rear: 1.9 megapixels) buyer may make no great claims: photos and videos make blurred and with falsified colours it. The store is extremely tight with 4.5 gigabytes, you can extend but via microsd card. And NFC for quick pairing appropriate speakers we want to not only talk customers in this price class of a while dreaming.

Amazon’s free time for twelve months including

Class: complimentary use of Amazon free time is included In the sales price a year. Offers free download of child-friendly ebooks, apps, movies and television shows. As a prime customer, you pay 2.99 Euro per month for a child after the first year for free time, 6,99 Euro payable for up to four children. Are not a prime customer, estimated monthly Amazon 4,99 Euro for a child or 9.99 euros for up to four children.

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