Alternatives to the Classic Engagement Ring

A question, countless tears, panda eyes (thanks to blurred mascara) and an intimate kiss.Oh and at least 100x a breathed, tear-stained “I love you”.What am I talking about?You have already come on it and the heading is now also a very obvious hint with the fence post.It is about the engagement ring There is hardly a request, which is not given a ring.And many women dream of the typical engagement ring with a great diamond in the middle and a ring rail in white gold.The classic solitaire.That is also insanely beautiful.But not everyone thinks.And so today, there are conspicuously often engagement rings that do not correspond to the classical scheme.Some are simply no engagement rings.

1. Alternatives to the engagement ring with diamonds

If you ask me, then for me rings with a precious stone or jewel are on the place of my personal favorite rings list.Diamonds at the top of the podium.That sparkles so beautiful!But good, even engagement rings without diamonds can be a really chic alternative to the classic engagement ring.This does not mean that you have to do without any ornaments.No, instead of a precious stone, a pearl or an ornate decorated flower of precious metal can be the center of attention.For my sake, a narrow heart, which bears the initials of the two fiance. This does not stop romance. Engagement ring with other materials can be found on the WeddingJust.

Or you set the ring itself a bit more beautifully, paying attention to a certain pattern, which were incorporated.Very popular are also rings , the shape of which interlocks.There 2 or 3 rings, usually in different colors, merge with each other.By the way, such rings also offer an advantage that you should not underestimate.Until now, it was customary for the engagement ring to be put on the wedding, today many women wear it according to the American model.This means: as a pre-ring.And the engagement ring should not compete with the herring.Unless you want it so.

And besides the diamond, there are still many, wonderfully beautiful gemstones.Also an emerald, sapphire ruby, rose quartz, aquamarine or garnet make itself very well on engagement rings.With them you can pick up the favorite colors of the future fiancée and thus prove that you know them well.

2. Alternatives to the engagement ring

It does not always have to be an engagement ring, because there should be women who do not like wrestling.Or at least with the typical engagement rings.But dear men, so completely without clearly visible signs of engagement, do not get away from it.No, there are alternatives.If you ask her if she wants to become your wife, then you surely know her well.Does she really want a ring and would she be much more happy about something else?For it also recognizes whether you have really thought.We women lead this regrettable scene from “Sex and the City” (ah, I already hear your horrified mule).As Carrie accepts the application from Aidan, but with stomach pain.And wonders if he really knows her so badly.The ring design is so far from what it really wants.The wedding did not happen.

How about a different piece of jewelry instead?For example, a chain or watch .If it collects certain vintage jewelery, it is also an option to choose from this range an alternative to the engagement ring.An old bracelet , which was reprocessed and could tell itself whole stories.A luxury watch from the last century (of course, a new one).Or a great chain.And you do not have to do without the ring, which can also be worn as a pendant on a necklace.

Ok, there is also the possibility to get tattooed.But that is always such a thing.Not every marriage holds.And a broken love is not to become even more painful, because the tattoo must be removed again later.With jewelery things look different.