Advantages of 360 Sports Bicycles

Its advantages are all hardware

To discover the merits of 360 Sports Bike you have to look at the hardware and construction.Its silicone strap is a real catch dust (apparently the effect wears off after a few weeks) but its quality is remarkable — because soft, enveloping, just elastic, drilled to make the skin to breathe. You cannot remove, Yes, but it makes all the difference because it improves the capacity at wrist. I recommend the Orange model.

The GPS is accurate is fast. In road tests with a Polar M400 + heart rate monitor H7, a difference of about 400 meters I on about 19 km. If I compare the track (Bike Body uses Google Maps) I see bikes 360 Sports Show me daylight pavement or lane with less approximation. I get the green light to start the race, snapping to satellites, in less than 30 seconds. It’s all as it should be.

Ditto for the heart rate monitor PPG. The test usually I record a lower rate by 10 Bpm than the heart-and it is a value that all in all there is. Above all don’t see that time initial aftershock registered on TomTom Spark and Fitbit Surge. 360 Sports bike locks for correct detection and port forward without sudden changes.

Note: the more careful they’ll matter to collapse the graph Bpm on determining Polar M400. My heart has stopped beating. Just the belt has come off from the chest because little grasp. The running and putting and slipped. That’s why it makes sense to keep looking for a credible alternative.

Probably the best part of bike 360 Sport is the Anylight display. Motorola has used a hybrid technology that uses the front light sensor to activate the backlit wall when we are indoors or in the dark, or cause the Transflective color exploits sunlight to reflect better during intense exposure.

The result has no bright colors as an AMOLED display, it has a tendency to yellow when we are in the Sun, but is always visible -or at least more visible than would a non-hybrid Panel like any other Bike 360. It is a cross between an LCD and a color LCD, something that reminds me of the E Ink Triton panels fitted in the first color ebook reader (if you don’t know them, never mind: you will not miss anything).

Outdoor use there is always more to take into account the Gorilla Glass 3 glass and that strange distortion at the edges that we saw in the other versions, but it is an unavoidable security. 360 Sports bike uses a 1.37-inch 360 x 320 pixels and 263 PPI. Anylight is a happy medium that convinced me. Curious how Motorola has decided to offer it in sports and not in the other.

Final considerations

For the rest, use Android Wear pure, there is the advantage of wireless charging: no cables.Too bad the power supply combined with either a 5V 0.5 A, slow, good to charge the battery by 300 mAh in about 2 hours. A faster system could use, especially because the autonomy is not the strong point of 360 Sports Bike. The wrist doing the day; Let’s say you arrive evening rolled wide. But while running outside, with GPS on, take 3 hours, no more. My road test has reduced 50% battery. I think also enable Bluetooth to take advantage of the 4 GB internal and listen to music while running the bestow on 2 hours. I paired headsets racing TomTom without reception problems.

It is a range that covers the aims of Motorola (if you run more than 2 hours means that you are preparing a marathon–and probably have one already sportwatch) but let me say that on Android Wear, then on a device to be worn all day in the Office and then, in the evening, go for a run, is a failure. Touches you load it in the middle of the day and then take his wireless apparatus. It is difficult in these contexts balance weight, thickness and autonomy-but need more.

Don’t get me wrong: according to Transporthint, 360 Motorcycle Sport is the best Android Wear for occasional sports2016 start-but WINS because it plays the game alone. The only Sony with GPS integrated is outdated, does not have a display like this, does not have a GPS so accurate, it does not have the same high quality components and has the heart rate sensor. 360 Sports bike couldimprove with new software and new integrations, Yes, but it’s not currently a sportwatch and is not to be considered as a substitute for your TomTom, Garmin, Polar, Suunto or whatever it is.