Adolfo Dominguez Line U Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2012

What Adolfo Dominguez It is one of the Spanish designers who sell most is something that we cannot deny, figures backed it. After ten years without presenting in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, is it recovered last year with the Madrid pasarela, disappear again, this season that Cibeles has changed name and image.

The success of the brand image may be due to the quality of the garments and collections we dress for the day a very elegant form and practice. The younger line of the signature is baptized under the name of “U” comes this season for them from the hand of Gala Gonzalez, niece of designer and one of the most famous bloggers.

For us, the Line U collect us the main trends and offers it in their lookbook for the spring/summer 2012. It is a very young collection, the main target of this line of Adolfo Dominguez, playing with colors, prints, denim… and used shoes to give that feeling of casual and sport newspaper.

We are wrong if thinking about a public young looks for newspaper and not include more formal elements such as jackets or American. U by Adolfo Dominguez It moves here between neutrals like gray or white. I like very much how are basic pants, especially the lighter and shape combined with the blazer, shirt, denim and bow tie. Apparently more classical elements carried in a casual way.

We return to talk about, and it is that firms do not give us option, which is undoubtedly the most common pattern of season in men’s fashion. Pictures They are and here we will find in very bright as yellow, green, blue colors… What perhaps I don’t like these three looks are jeans with maxi-pockets at the sides. I said, Yes, to Bermuda!!

Coat pants Pastel this time combined with more basic shirts. These shirts are not alone and it is that it seems to return the fashion of t-shirt + shirt, I don’t know if I am convinced at all because I believe that it is difficult to combine colors and that this overlap is well. I really like the shirt in military green.

Sweatshirts and t-shirts they come with more sport option. Sometimes combined in shirts what do you think of this trend?. This trend corresponds to that return of the college or university style. Careful not to abuse this kind of outfits that include sunglasses, slippers, socks, shorts… If we do not want to seem touristy city.

Another thing that I liked were the prominence that during full lookbook have given to the socks. I think it is an important part that many men don’t give importance requiring. This spring-summer in which everything seems to be in pastel shades can be a good time to make the way for stronger socks colors.