Adhesive Window Signage

An afternoon in downtown, where stores compete to encourage the passing through the door of the shop. I attended a situation which may seem funny, but who in the end is not at all. A young boy ran to join his mother in the flower shop. The poor had not seen the glass door, he was stopped net, the nose crushed on the glass. We have all witnessed this kind of scene. The blogs of television regularly carry back them. And why? To make us laugh on!

Everyday accidents are responsible for a lot of trauma, four times more than the traffic accidents. If the number of shocks against the windows is not counted, because very seldom mortals. There are many victims, I already less laughing.

There is the example of this young boy, but I think to the dizzy of service that I am, who had not seen the Bay window. The little girl running in the corridor without paying attention to the large mirror on the wall. The neighbor’s dog, him also it is screwed by a glass door.

Security marking, a small sticker is better than a great shock

Friends readers who may smile to read these few lines, be aware that there is a regulation that exists since August 2006. This law is intended to protect people with disabilities or with reduced physical abilities. But we are all exposed to the risk of accident. Then add a sticker or a sticker marking on your glass doors, do not wait the first collision to act “finally me I say that, I say nothing!”

It of the common sense thing, the doors and windows must be identifiable as closed open! I don’t blame anyone, but when I see the sadness of the marking devices, this explains can be this. We at Ludicade believe that things can change by adding a touch of originality, a funny safety marking is possible. It is at least our certainty, as the regulation simply invites us to acknowledge the presence of a glass.

Adhesive signage easy to lay and useful to all

Paste them where and how these signalling adhesives, and well they should be stuck either too low or too high on the glass. The correct height is between one meter and one meter fifty of the ground. They must be visible as well by children, adults, or lower for pets.

There is still much to do to report the presence of a glass wall and limit the shocks, we are at your disposal if you need a particular model. The approach is simple, if you want specific decals and stickers. You can contact us on TECHNOLOGY-WIKI.