Activities For Babies From 0 to 6 Months

Having already spoken about the many different activities, such as the sensory findings, use mirrors and sing, the ninth post in the series activities for babies from 0 to 6 months will be about how to use toys for fun and developing babies.

First of all, don’t fall into the temptation to offer stimuli for your baby at the same time. In this phase, they are using all the senses to learn, being the vision and touch the most obvious, not to mention the taste, since everything goes into your mouth! When we offer too many at the same time, the baby does not know to look at or touch and just getting annoyed by too much stimulation. The important thing is to recognize the interests of the child and allow the baby to explore the toy in your entirety, respecting what is expected for each phase. For example, if the baby has discovered your hand and now begins to stretch your arms, place the toy a little away from the hands to try to catch him.

In addition, look for different ways to explore the same toy. See what we do here at home with the banter of Gabi:

The obvious use is to allow her to be playing the old-fashioned way. Only after a while she gets tired and it is interesting to think of different ways to explore the Chair. She likes, for example, feel the texture and to explore the Chair with your hands.

It’s a different perspective, that ensures new findings and learnings. Now that she’s bigger, we put the Chair leaning on a beanbag. Gabi found out if she stretch the foot she can push the Chair back and swing. It was more a novelty with the same toy. That is, the baby is developing and you can pick up different ways to use the same toy.

Also, another tip from Rctoysadvice is to rotate the toys. Here at home, they are divided by function. Some stay in bags near the places to play, as the Chair I showed up and in the cart. House bag has a biter, a little book of cloth, a rattle or toy that emits sound, a mirror and at least one multipurpose bug Lamaze line or similar.

Other toys are stored in the box and remain a time out of sight of Gabi. When we do a rotation and put it in the bag toys were out of use, Gabi loves! Looks like she just won.

Now that Gabi is sitting alone, I’m preparing a new play area for her. Soon I’ll share with you!