About Cufflinks

The cuff links are back. Will be? Is what ensures a fashion site. So let’s talk a little bit about them:


The columnist Ivone Auceli (Size) ensures that the gesture of taking the man to the woman’s cuff links, the same sensuality that for man means the Act of unlocking the female bra.

Cufflinks And Sets

The more traditional fashion consultants assert that the artifact never went out of style. In addition, there are those who think that men don’t follow fashion, but rather keep styles and that’s what matters to the costuming. The cuff links were created as artifact to hold both sides of the hem of the shirt, as a more elegant than the detail button. At one time became synonymous with elegance and power. Women also wear and, depending on the outfit and the occasion, are also extremely elegant without losing any portion of femininity.

The Cufflinks And Formal Costumes

In the past, the cufflinks were associated with formal attire, such as ceremonies and rituals and costumes to work, depending on the nature of this work and profession of the carrier. Today, however, turned trend among men with style and can be used in various occasions: work, weddings, meetings, religious ceremonies. The your use is widespread and there are cuff links of all kinds to follow any kind of look and occasion. It takes, however, the right and proper use, which is not always the case.

Shirts With Double Handle.

The cuff links also claim appropriate shirts. Fashion consultants advise that all modern humans have in the closet one or two shirts, at least with double handle. But they can also be used to handle simple shirts.

Icuffinks-The Pulsating Led Cuff Links

An interesting novelty in this respect are the aluminum manufactured now cufflinks United States and Canada. Are called iCufflinks and have a pulsing led, which works with a small battery, which lasts for approximately 24 hours and contains a small internal circuit. Simple to use, simply attach the components and accessory immediately goes to work. The proposal is purely decorative and costs U $128. Have been created and should be used for a special occasion where you want to stand out, be in a ceremony, or a corporate event.

Types Of Cufflinks

There are cuff links on the market all types, standards, formats and rates, exactly so you can combine them with the outfit and the occasion. There are gold cufflinks, silver, wood, mother of Pearl, Crystal and even plastic.The latest are the best to compose a look stripped, with jeans or pants chess.

Tips On Style And Use Of Cuff Links, According To Gabriel Oliveira

1) The classic cufflinks are ideal for events such as weddings and meetings. For these events, you must choose to “thin” materials, such as gold and silver. Already informal cases ask for alternatives to the colors gold and silver. For looks combined by simple cuff shirts can be used jackets, vests and even jeans.

2) At work, the ideal is to bet on the classic, in discrete designs, silver color, chrome or white gold, with rectangular or square format. If the environment is informal or fashion, can risk without fear, more colorful types and with different formats. Always within the common sense-no one wants to meet his father using a cufflink Superman

3) Traditionally, double cuff shirt with cufflinks and jacket, but can be used with most hipsters “there is no right to hold the shirt cuff links.The shirt is double handle indicated, but nothing prevents to use with simple fist shirt”.

Types Of Cufflinks, Personalities And Use.

Now some examples of cufflinks and usage variations.

The image of the beginning of the column we see brand designer Alexander Bucci with hands and tattooed body using cuff links.

The image no 1 above other young modern, using ring and cufflinks in style.

The image no. 2, discreet and modern cuff links in sterling silver, with matching Sports Watch Silver too.

In the picture No 3, another discreet Golden oval shaped cuff links with gold watch.

In photo n. 4, the swimmer Xuxa displays the cufflinks you would use in your marriage, the next day, with Sheilla Carvalho.

In the image no. 5, the Emporio Armani cuff links, modern, with an emphasis on the traditional Eagle logo in stainless steel and brown leather, available via internet in stores Macys for R$329,00.

In the image no. 6, the former President Lula, displaying his cufflinks in gold

Well Finally, I mean that I still have several cufflinks that I used in the old days, in the years 70, 80. And I got shirts with double handle to be able to use them once in a while, as an option.

Friends can also do the same. Especially the young who wish to vary the look in various professional and social engagements.