Aboalarm: Zoff with O2 Because Not Accepted Layoffs

Mobile phone contract Cancel: not so easily

Who wants to conclude a mobile phone contract, has it easy: provider select, specify some data, submit order click Finish! The cancellation, however, is much more complicated. She must be in most cases a form (which the provider hide like somewhere on their Web site) by fax. To make it easier for customers to these steps, there are Web services such as Aboalarm. They offer ready-made letter of resignation also for mobile phone contracts that you must send only to the provider. So far, so easy.

O2 rum zickt

As Aboalarm now tells many O2 customers in the past had significant problems if they wanted to cancel their contract. Often, O2 did not recognise the dismissal. Reason: The customer not personally signed writing what not goes, when the termination of Aboalarm. But: O2 accepts a termination of the personal customer code is included in the instead of the signature according to own general terms and conditions. And that will always sent, says Abolarm.

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The most important new devices another hurdle: enters the termination at O2, often requires the provider that the customer within a period yet again by phone logs and verbally confirmed the dismissal. The result may mean that users have a long hang time on the hotline waiting loop. According to the consumer Center Berlin, this practice is at least problematic, since termination with receipt of the termination notice is effective and not yet a further confirmation is required.


Aboalarm submit complaint

Aboalarm now burst the collar: Although you have cannot agree with O2 about the layoffs, the company. But an out-of-court agreement in principle, which results in, Aboalarm termination be accepted easily, did not come about. Therefore, Aboalarm now filed injunctions before the regional court of Munich I against the Telefonica O2’s parent company. In February, it comes to the first hearing.