A Weekend In Frankfurt And A Styling Choker With Jeans Shirt

I’m looking forward to meeeega…. If you read this, I’m going to the beautiful Offenbach. I intend the dear Cla by glam up your lifestyle, Society and this will be my highlight in Advent.

The good mother should be really baking and christmas-loving in the kitchen. But first, I’ve already baked and when I start to sing, I’m fast home alone. And that with the good mother… well, you just have to define it differently. I also put up another thesis about the jeans shirt and argue-a jeans shirt must be close-fitting or rather far?

But of course I do not go to Frankfurt, without giving you a few meaningful tips on the way. I am far beyond the limits of my garden fence, known that I really know how it runs…. So your ears or better tips, locks your eyes, takes the reading glasses and reads my tips on the subject: “Photographing at Christmas!”. Neee… this is not going to be a laugh. This is my pure seriousness and you will thank me… The tips are actually not only for the upcoming Festseason-which are actually generally valid.

However, the upcoming festivals are not just a reason to dust off the chic wardrobe and to protrude. No, Christmas there is always someone who feels called to hold the whole baggage for posterity.Finally, next Christmas we will not look as young and fresh as this year. And although, thanks to our smartphones, we almost always and everywhere and especially everything take pictures, when one comes with the camera, one is glad that Aunt Erna still carries her hair uprightly. At least my experience. Or one is very happy that Uncle Hugo has not grown slimmer in the past 12 months. Both offer an excellent hiding place in front of the famous bird.


However, neither extensive hairstyles or physiques help if one has a highly ambitious hobby-photographer genius in the family or kinship.At the same time, they are still seeing their works of art, and they know exactly who has successfully pressed before the flash of lightning. The digital photography is thanks. Since helps also in the kitchen rumdrücken little. Except you want to be photographed there. This is not a good idea, however, because it leads to common entertainments at the latest when watching the photos. Finally, it was clear to the family who had stolen the last piece of salmon in the kitchen and who had opened the good red wine that was standing on the table. So forget the flight into the kitchen or do not get caught.

Uncle Hugo And Aunt Erna

Similarly it is not advisable to spend hours in the WC. Moreover, it is still little entertaining and in the long run are tile patterns, even with decor really boring. In addition, the next conjecture of the kinship would be pre-programmed… After all, they have always known that one is strange. In addition, all these evasive maneuvers lead to the fact that in the end all the images are half-surely not shown as you would like to see yourself. Surely you have your mouth open… (matching the kitchen)… and of course, the eyes are closed. In the miserable attempt to push behind Uncle Hugo’s body, it looks as if you had a hunch, where there is no other. And when it’s stupid, the hairy hiding-place of Aunt Erna looks like a long beard, which you do not want to hang on your chin, and you do not want to see it right on a photo.

Radiant Laughter

So folks-after I have described the horror scenarios, you can be sure that there is need for action here. This means for the future: Whenever the Lurch comes with the camera, your bright smile sets up, take back your shoulders and take an upright attitude. And always looking at the camera. Forgiveness of grimaces, the little eyes do not stop and do not look at the bedroom. This is only for absolute professionals. Take your hands out of your face and do not falter around. In the snapshot, the rules apply almost more… especially to the grimaces. For when sitting upright is impossible due to the situation, the facial expressions are torn out… It is not wrong to practice the smile in front of the mirror. For as you prefer, you should know beforehand.

Also No Kitchen Aprons

But do not worry, your photos will not look put. Because the photographer’s genius will surely catch you in 20 situations where you do not know. Thus, the images that have always existed are not going out. But on the other five pictures, you will look great and exactly you take the next year and stick it to the grandma in the calendar for 2018. My mom is also this post dedicated, for about 15 years always with a kitchen apron on The pictures could be seen and every Christmas she complained about it again. But before I dedicate myself to my Jeanshemd thesis, I would have liked to know, if there are so many strange photos of various festivals?

Jeans Shirt-Challenge

So we are coming to the jeans shirt, which I say today, that it must be tight or wide? But you know it would be very difficult for me to make a decision… Because there are also a variety of outfits to which a wide jeans shirt looks great. And the differences are sometimes not so far apart. I think that’s reason enough for another styling challange-which means you get to see almost the same outfit again on Sunday… But just almost. In any case you can see nicely that a jeans shirt in my closet is not enough. O 🙂 And now I ask you, your thumbs, that the train is not late and I can cuddle the dear Cla at midday. Have nen stress-free Friday and nen good start to the weekend.

The outfit with figurbetontem jeans shirt is today and on Sunday comes the other variant.

Jeans: All Saints-this is ne skinny with great favorite factor… but unfortunately there is no more there. So I found one of LEVIS (710 this time) at Zalando  (Affiliatelink), which I really find mega. They are available in various shades of blue and not quite as expensive.
Pullover: neyo. -unfortunately, the sweater is never available in the shop-but there are other beautiful parts in the shop of neyo., Thisplaid for example and not forgotten-until Christmas you have the possibility to save 10%. With the code connydoll10-easy in the cart.
Bag: Zara
Parka: Pepe-I love Parkas-always… and a Parka from PARKA London in olive  (Affiliatelink About you) is simply cult-oda?
Scarf: Mango
Jeans shirt, shoes: H & M-I found a figurbetontes jeans shirt at Asos-it is from Noisy may  (Affiliatelink)