A New York City Trip And A Pencil Skirt Made Of Denim

So actually this post is already finished… I’ve already written him about 100 times. However, the only one to find my personal hard drive.

You know, that in my brain. The time in New York was simply phenomenal, exuberant, with words almost impossible to describe-just aaaamazing. A word that has been invented for the city that has never been invented – I believe. I know I’m not telling you anything new-but there is this saying: Everything has been said about New York-just not by me. So make sure you have some travel reports about our New York City trip. Because I can not go to the city of my childhood dreams and then just make a blog post about it… Ne ne ne… The outfit-a spring look with a casual jeans skirt that also works perfectly on cooler days.

I would like to start today… at the end… which is somehow the beginning. For as everywhere, everything is connected. As you could already read, the suitcase packing for NYC was already a first challenge. And if I thought at the beginning, the suitcase needs space for the shopping achievements, so I now know that it is also only conditionally fun to grind a 23 kilo case from the airport to the station. Where I am not quite sure who has looped here. For a while, I thought I was hanging from the suitcase and not from him… However, it was perhaps due to the fact that I had missed sleep on arrival in FFM and I had to wait 27 hours until my arrival at home The legs. So Memo to me: Take less!

Reasonably Optimistic

Yes, yes I already know-you all said it-but I am over 40 and bit advisory-resistant. Finally, I already know everything O 🙂 Uuuuund it is not so that I had not listened to you … finally I had on out flight only 18 kilos worn out and for completely inexplicable reasons, I really thought I will not so much Shopping in NYC… By the way, for the most part, the bad conversion rate is to blame. I was simply of the opinion, it is not so much cheaper and with my trip I had the family holiday bank yes, anyway impertinently very one-sided, not to say selfishly burdened. So absolutely understandable motives, as I think äh found. Because that was once a whole, gaaaanz, gaaaaaaanz large Schmarrn. But I’m so… optimistic… or pessimistic.Just like it’s popular.

Number Lastig

How good that there is still a border of the customs… Clas daughter had thoroughly researched and so swung some numbers in my Dingsbums cortex… They came right after the PIN number for the credit card…. Hehe… and even before the calorie indications on the Speiskarten for burgers, sweet potato fries and Frenchtoasts… So exactly a New York City trip is absolutely payloaded. Floors, metro (okay, there are also letters) kilos, import limits, calories and dollars … This sorting is purely random…. According to value, the calories would have to be in the first place.  I have the feeling that I have gained 7 kilos-one day every day… and I very much hope that I will be able to start my sports program again tomorrow-so for conscience. On the other hand, we were not inactive, and we had several thousand steps every day… The sledding we had on it, I would not mention. O:-)

Lost In New York

I’ve lost a tooth in NY (a bit of it) and my umbrella (quite quite). For that I could try singing in the rain and must say that despite it Gene Kelly (thanks Diana) and his whimsical song lines is only a bit of fun. Because in this city everything is bigger than in the rest of the world – also the Regentropfen…. Yes, yes, it is possible that this is a subjective perception. But on our arrival day it was poured as if from bucket… and there was also my umbrella only partly helpful … Because in NYC is synonymous also the wind big… ähh… wild… I lost my umbrella in New York could be a song written by To me, for example. But ultimately, I had the umbrella only on the bus, because I knew that it would not rain anymore… I have almost caused it… Definitely.

A New York City Trip In Numbers

In any case, we were able to look forward to the remaining days over relatively favorable weather. And from fresh 13 to summer 29 degrees Celsius, of course, everything was there. Light-heartedly also a sunglasses, which I had a shoulder cut-out on a bought in New York bought top … Of course I still show. As soon as I’ve rummaged through the approximately 3 million photos. You see, a New York City trip is paid for… And, of course, it goes on with my anecdotes about Big Apple… finally we saw so much and besides numbers, I took so many impressions from this journey, which I share with you all would like to. But now I have to get out-so out of the train, which hopefully soon reaches my Hometown-with a tiny delay.

Pencil Skirt By WENZ

But also when I am now 26 hours awake (from short naps in the flight times apart) and I occasionally lose the red thread of my posts… a word to the look is still there. With the pencil skirt I am exactly in the current catalog of WENZ which you can find on BIOTIONARY.COM-and I find the part simply megamäßig for the spring (or as this season just means). Great denim and he has the right size for my body size of 1.71 cm. Unfortunately, I do not have a catalog issue here, which I can show you, but I’m going to get it… For that you can find the skirt but in the shop and the link you can find below. If I missed a thing in New York at all (my husband and the kids are not a thing and were on top of the missing list of people at the top), then it was my clothes… So the choice and the flexibility have.

So, now I have to stop… otherwise I fear bad…. O:-) Have a nice Friday and a great start to the weekend, your Conny

The skirt was provided by WENZ for a  picture in the catalog. That does not affect my opinion… I like the designs of WENZ aka Amy Vermont, because the cuts fit the 40plus women.