A Homemade Toy That You Can Do It Now

I wrote this post thinking of who’s now working or will be gone all day and you want your son to know what you thought of it. How about, take home a homemade toy that you can do now, with materials you probably can find with ease. And at home, even if you only have 10 or 15 minutes to play, I’m sure your son will enjoy the novelty.

Of course you can also do this articulated fish, which seems to spring, at a time when you’re with the kids. I did with the Potcho and the Cururca and it was great. We had a good time doing 15 minutes (took with the girls. When I was alone, I finished in less than 5 minutes. That is, you can use a little bit of lunch break) and then playing.

You will need 1 sheet of sulfite paper. I had color, but white also serves. 1 pair of scissors and glue liquid or stick. Is that it.

The first step is to make a square of your rectangular sheet. You can do this by folding a triangle by pulling the top edge of the paper and folding up to half of the opposite side. Then cut the rectangle’s left and open your triangle. You will have a square like that.

You can also measure 21 centimeters in height of 7 cm and take out the bond remaining, forming a square 21 x 21 cm.

Cut the spines of the fish

Then take the two top tips of the square and bring them to the central fold, scoring well. The result will look like a cone of ice cream or Temaki.

Open again the square and fold it in the Middle, forming a triangle (use the same folding home). Now comes the delicate part of the process. You will do several parallel cuts, starting this warp and going until the brand was the fold of the cone. This is articulated spine of the fish. Start with the thinnest part of the triangle (the tip of the tail of the fish) and go towards the widest part (the head). Leave a bald spot cut to the head.

As you noticed, the girls cut their fish. Sounds like a lot of instruction, but you will see how simple when it’s your time. The end result is like this, with the square wide open

Finishing the goldfish

The next step is to glue on one of the side triangles and glue the other, forming a cone of ice cream cone or temaki. Let it dry a bit, while you cut your tongue and the fins of fish.

For the details of the fish enjoy that bond rectangle left over from the beginning of our Assembly. I drew quite a rustic language, two fins (drawing a drop). Also made with a pen tip two eyes.

I did so because the idea is a fast toy, which you can do at the Office anyway. But if you have more time, you can draw with a pen hydrocolor eyes more well made and colorful, you can paint your fish, decorate with scales or with what you prefer.

With your cone of dried fish, cut the “beak” of the part of the head of the fish, leaving more rounded. This part you cut will be the tail of the fish.

Glue the tail, eyes, fins and the language of your fish. The girls decided to draw a heart to the forehead of the peixinhas of them. It will look like this:

When it’s dry, here’s the final trick: gently open the “spine of the fish” and double cone, leaving it flexible.

Are you ready to take home and make a surprise for your child when you get home from work!

I really like to make homemade toys rapidinhos for use at various times with the kids. You will always see a hint of these here. But don’t miss! Part of the group who receive our Weekly Newsletter. Registration is free.