A Flowery Mini Skirt In The Style Of The Sixties And My Life As A Passenger

So I have to forward. I like to drive madly and boldly, I can do it really well. Oh, what does assertion here. I know I can drive a good car.Unlike the rest of the traffic, I know how it runs. So the traffic.

To the front namely… always nice and straight, and we do not just stand in the middle of the ring, to see whether that is really the right exit.Especially if you have a big, thick M at the front of the license plate. This indicates that one is local. Local Guide! And the big round discs, with a red circle drumrum and a number in it, indicate how fast you can drive there. If there is ne 60 to be read, then you do not have to divide this number by two. And my flowery miniskirt has also to do with my existence as a passenger. Hehe!

The car is really my little comfort zone…. Comfort yes-Relaxing no. I am looking for relaxation in vain and not only when I drive myself.Nöööö, it is even worse if I take a seat on the passenger seat.Knowingly, that everyone has a different driving style and one is not reinredet. I can not stop it. As soon as I take my place on the passenger seat, I already express my opinion. Absolutely unasked and of course I know everything better. This is similar to looking at a football match. From the outside one always forms one, one knows, as the 11 boys on the playing field have to run. So I could be described as, I am a car fan, who is on the grandstand ähhh the passenger seat over it, that he knows anyway much better and of course can

Nonsense Knowledge

As a driver, I roll quite comfortably to a green traffic light, driven by the firm conviction, she switches all the way until I’m ahead. But woe to him when my husband does that and I sit next to him… Then the mouth is already open, before the cerebrum can at all report… “keep the mouth closed”. If it were still at least-so an open mouth, finally, nobody gets on the nerves. Unfortunately, there is also a wild series of less qualified remarks. “… and so we never come there!” Is still very well formulated. The best thing is when we drive routes that I know very well … My superstitute has slightly autistic features. Or what do you call this when you know all the traffic lights on the road?This is completely crazy… I can remember traffic lights-only if my children have paused their breaks, I am at a loss.

By Accident

Probably this is a case of the wrong priorities, but hey honest people, I do not go with the idea in the car, to me these unnecessary traffic lights. This just happens… whether I want or not. As soon as I drive a distance more than three times, I know when it is green and also this knowledge I give unasked to the best. The further I write here, the more I have the urgent need to apologize to my husband. I guess I’m a fleshy passenger nightmare. If I were sitting next to me, I would have let myself get off. One can hear again and again that partners are “accidentally” forgotten at the service area. Possibly. It is also because there are so few possibilities on short distances to get rid of me. The chance that I catch him at the next traffic light is very high. I know how to switch …

Distraction Is Everything

One way, mean Boring monologues, let me drive. However, this is for my husband somehow no option-no idea why? Where I am such a good driver. Sometimes I manage to climb the driver’s seat, after I had distracted him before with an astonished “Look there!”.Why, then, every time the knuckles of his knuckles, when he clings to the top of the neck, I can not explain. I think the reasoning with the displaced mirrors is a threadbare excuse. But, good communication in the relationship is everything and so I believe him what he says.

I Save My Marriage With The Miniskirt

But if I do not risk my marriage and do not want to risk coronary heart disease, then I need an effective method for my emotions in the car. Possibly. Would be a gag an idea-that would at least ever stop my uncensored remarks. Also an idea is to work through the Instagram feed when we are driving. However, this can have stupid consequences with sharp braking maneuvers, if one as a passenger does not count with it. Hmmmm… I think, and until then, I just turn it off with a woman’s weapons from my idiotic behavior. A skirt seems to me an adequate means. I am really happy about the fact that the mini skirt of the sixties is just so fashionable again-but it does not have to be as short as the original. And how is it so beautiful: Let flowers speak-in this respect, this skirt fits simply phenomenally on the subject.

So people, I now work on my convales and am really glad that my husband and I today do not drive back by car, but by train from Salzburg. Have nen relaxed and nice Sunday, dear all…

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