A Brief History of Glasses

For You To Know All About These Accessories That Are Used For Health And Beauty

Surely you’ve had or have at least a pair of glasses. They are affordable, have a great fashionable space and win more and more people in love with the specs around the world.

But it was not always so. Until it cafme to the current status, there is no denying that the glasses went a long way. Want to know more about this story of so many changes and renovations? Then check out our post!

Watching The Origins

The word glasses has appeared in classical antiquity and comes from the term ocularium. At that time, the term designated the holes made in the superior part of thearmors of the soldiers to allow that they saw.

Looking back, it is possible to find references to glasses in the quotations from Confucius , about 500 years BC

The First Glasses

According to SunglassesWill, the earliest model of eyeglasses ever produced was produced in the eighteenth century, but was already used many years before Christ. The pioneer version had flat lenses and, at first, served as social segmentators.

The use of glasses during this period indicated that the person was part of the elite or had mental problems.

The Appearance Of Degree Glasses

The first glasses produced in the world did not have degree in the lenses. It was only a long time later that the first models with corrective lenses appeared.

They were made with semiprecious stones like rock crystals, for example. These crystals were transformed into thin layers, which later turned up magnifying glasses.

Changing Shape

The magnifying glasses were successful among the European monks, this made the studies and experiments around the glasses continue.

In the year of 1270, in Germany, another great change took place: the first pair of spectacles was created riveted and made with iron hoops. He still had no rods, and he looked like a compass.

Modern Glasses Giving Faces

Many centuries later, after much research, we came up with the development of lighter, safer and more comfortable accessories. In the fifteenth century, Pince-nez was the ball of the time. This model had no stems and was just snug on the nose.

The Lornhons came later and drew attention by having lateral rod, but not having support in the ears. It was only in the seventeenth century that the fixed stems arose and began to be supported on the ears.

Oday, Until Finally!

Thanks to the discovery of multiple raw materials, including plastic and its derivatives, today we have access to light and comfortable models.

The lenses are thinner and more precise and the designof the accessories is surprising. There are many brands, models and styles, each with its charm.

Nowadays, the glasses have become indispensable accessories, be they dark or of degree, great or discrete, smooth or printed, neutral or colored.

The fact is that no matter how much time passes, the glasses will always have their place in the history of mankind.

So, did you like to know more about the trajectory of the glasses? Do you know any other curiosity about these accessories? Tell us in the comments.