9 Tips to Explore Black and White Decoration

If on the one hand the rusticity of black-and-white movies gave way to increasingly shocking special effects, the Duet of contrasting colors don’t never went out of style. On the contrary: black and white built a fashionable elegant and sober and in the area of psychology, represent opposites that coexist well harmoniously, sometimes chaotically within each.

Already in the decoration, the white and the black form a nearly infallible duo, still widely used for essentially female environments. But, like rules exist to be broken, the light and dark contrast gained new costumes and went on to compose different decorating styles, traveling between grave environments to the most fun and contemporary.

Check out some tips to use black and white on your decor without making mistakes:

-In a standard environment, like a living room painted white, use black in a strategic point for focusing. Can be a specific painted wall or even a nice couch contrasting with the white light emanates.

-Carpets are excellent elements to apply black and white. When used in stripes connecting, for example, the couch and the tv, the combination gives the feeling of stretching of the space, leaving the broader environment.

-A diagram exclusively black and white look for contrast and harmony through the use of consistent materials such as glass, steel, silver and other metals bright.

-Enjoy the concept and use black and white photographs to compose the environment. In addition to sophisticated, your “art minigaleria” will expose your passion for photography and his favorite photographers. If you are photographer, make a curator of your own images and get ready for the compliments.

-The industrial style suit with black and white elements. -Wires, brick walls and materials such as iron are super welcome and compose together a contemporary décor.

-If you choose not to paint one wall black, bet on objects in this color: cushions, chairs, lamps, lamps, vases, curtains …

-The black and white make the decorations get touches of vibrant colors and the combination is beautiful! Use some “surprise” and give a touch of joy in the environment with colors like turquoise, pink, yellow, always in shades well alive.

– Wallpapers from A2ZWALLSTICKERS are great choices to conserve the monochrome concept but still work with patterns and prints. The Kola has developed a range of wallpapers in black and white that is simply a luxury. The highlight is for adhesive Chalkboard, that can be applied easily and turn your wall into a beautiful mural of messages versatile and modern.

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-For a little more than climate and dramatic, bet on indirect lighting! Diffuse lights give a very special and romantic atmosphere at night.