9 Fantasies For Fun Wedding Parties

It is increasingly common to find costumes for wedding parties. They are fun and make the photos even more spontaneous, as well as helping the guests interact in a much happier way.

If your wedding reception is all scheduled, but you think you still lack that touch more than special, take the risk in this new fashion and hit it full. Do not know which are the best and most creative costumes for wedding parties to buy? Paper and pen in hands that we tell you!

1 – Arches With Anteninhas

Bow or Tiara, these metallic or plastic headbands are very successful in marriage. They can be of different bow ties and in the petsinclude.com you find with butterfly antennas, pompoms, anteninhas with lighters, imps, bug ears and much more.

2 – Custom Masks

The masks already bring an extra joy to your party and when they are personalized they  will surely draw lots of laughter and stories. The themes can be diverse and your creativity counts a lot at the moment.

You can make masks with the faces of the bride and groom, some character or some personality that the couple likes, or any other design that has everything to do with the bride and groom.

3 – Funny Plates

These cards can have different motifs, from drawings to messages with snippets of music or using icons from social networks. They are very creative, fun and do not cost much for your budget.

4 – Stole Of Feathers And Colored Wigs

The stoles are quite common at wedding parties and can be used by both men and women. The feathers are the most popular materials, but you can use of several others like feathers, fabrics and whatever you feel like.

A very entertaining idea is to address themes for these stoles as party colors, country colors, bride’s favorites or any other symbolism that is interesting for your party.

Who never got a good laugh from his friends with a funny wig  on his head? The good thing about these occasions is that you can use yarns in many colors, coming out well from the conventional. The colored wigs are very cheap and you can buy both male and female models. Wigs with funny cuts are also very interesting.

6 – Neon Glasses

These glasses are a lot of fun, especially if you will have a Dj presentation at your party. They glow in the dark and depending on the play of light they still change to different colors.

You can also opt for glasses without a lens to avoid minor accidents such as scratches or cuts on the plastic. The more colorful your glasses are, the more beautiful the scene will be.

7- Funny Hats

Just like wigs, they can be in various colors and patterns. The more diverse you are, the funnier your party will be. The most common models are hats with glitter, hats in the Mexican style and others depending on your creativity in the choice.

ncidentally, this is a very important tip for those who want to save money with these items, simply buying unisex models for their guests.

8 – Crown Of Kings And Queens

Kings, queens, princes or princesses. If your guests want to sport a little these items are wonderful. You can buy from the simplest models to the most luxurious crowns and if you want, you can even customize some with the couple’s coat of arms.

For this item we indicate very careful about the quality of the product not to buy crowns that later drop the stones or stain the guests with the fantasy tincture.

9 – Male And Female Articles

These entertain well the guests and the fun is you to reverse the roles in the time to use the items. As male articles you can buy ties, belts, mustaches, beards or any other object that represents the masculine universe. Remembering that women can also have fun with these men’s articles!

For women, heels, aprons, make-up or whatever their creativity allows. Of course you will have lots of laughs.

Important Tips

Having such objects at your party will make your wedding even more memorable, but it’s important to look at some details.

Always notice the quality of the object you distribute to your guests. Avoid items that can rip off guests’ clothes, scratch their friends, quit paint, break down and result in minor accidents.

You do not need to purchase an item for each guest. Buy a  variety of them and let your friends take care of rescuing that game that interests you most. That way you do not have to spend too much.

Always buy items that are not as valuable. That way your guests can feel a bit more comfortable to take them home as a reminder of this unforgettable and fun day!