8 Suggestions of Men’s Shoes for Fall

Now that the heat gave a time, we can think of in the footwear more “full-bodied” in place of the typical shoes and tennis shoes of summer. We have selected some models with a style more suitable to autumn, some of which may have its use extended to for the winter, in addition, you can buy them with the cupon discount Dafiti (see here), paying for an even better value.

8 Suggestions of Men’s Shoes for Fall

Brogue Lemon Groove Green

This brogue of Lemon Groove brings a good balance between the olive green and the outsole stitched to the beige and brown, a good color combination that has everything to do with looks autumnal, the leather without any brightness goes very well with khaki pants or even jeans in a tone a little darker.

Value: 199,90


Shoe Half Pipe Red Ferracini

The red tones promise a strong presence in the winter, especially those closest to the burgundy, but nothing prevents you to invest in color even in the fall, especially in a shoe with a half pipe, well suited for this time of year, like this one from Ferracini.

Value: 269,90


Boot Casual Liverpool Brown Rafarillo

If you like half pipe, but you would prefer a color more discreet, by investing in this model of Rafarillo. The neutral tone goes well with any casual outfit and the details in the leather give personality and style to the footwear.

Value: 149,90


Boot VR Classic Brown

This boot of the VR is for those who prefer a costume more classic, with tailoring and accessories sophisticated, but not enough to be a combination of heavy winter, with several layers of clothes, jackets and the like, quite to the contrary, the proposal here is to protect without losing the lightness of the costume.

Value: 369,90


Boot Rockstter Sider Grey

Already the Rockster brings this proposal, stripped of a boat-shoe (or sider) with neutral color and versatile, goes well with an outfit as well as comfortable as a pair of chinos, a t-shirt, cool, and a denim jacket. The outsole, similar to a running shoes ensures comfort.

Value: 212,90


Boot Casual Trims Brown

Thanks to your leather, this ankle boot from Belmondo suggests a visual more rustic, combining a jeans destroyed and a leather jacket aged. The work of the trims and the handles are subtle details, but they value the footwear.

Value: 234,90


Boot Australian Pier Nine

If you think the shoes dark, very dramatic, this boot australian of the Pier Nine can be a good option, allows for several combinations relaxed and with colors more cheerful for those pleasant days of autumn.

Value: 249,90


Shoe Social Ferracini Urban Way Nails Brown

A choice of rugged footwear, with outsole, heavy duty zipper closure, can please those who are looking for something with plenty of personality. This model Ferracini can compose a classic look or keep up in comfortable clothes and funky, making an interesting contrast, it all depends on your style.

Value: 209,90


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Note: the photo at the top of this post is purely illustrative.