8 Facts About Gel Nails

If you love being neat and presentable, you do not forget that your hands also need attention, so you should consider yourself a good  manicure, or if you prefer to apply yourself some nice acrylic nails, if you ‘re not quite sure this Czech option before data gel nails and find out what are the best choices decorated nail.

That are?

false nails, acrylic generally are placed, then two layers of gel on them apply and therefore receive that name.



First must be cut and filing her natural nails, then an adhesive is applied, and fake stick, once dry cut and liman to give them the way you like it, then put the first layer of gel and receive ultraviolet light for few minutes, he repeats this last step and finally paint or decorate.


The procedure of gel nails is really not very slow, but if you take better hurry do not, because it takes about an hour.



Artificial nails are divided into two groups: the gel or linen and acrylic or porcelain first drawback it is that its design and has a size and predetermined shape and therefore not well suited for some people.



Today there are multiple designs or decorations for nails gel, this art is known as “tunning”, the traditional way to make the designs is by hand, or is also the airbrush, in which each unit contains multiple molds. A favorite and most requested is French style decorations because of its elegance.



The long lasting gel nails is about 6 months, everything depends on good maintenance is given.



To brag and show off your gel nails much longer, you must attend twice a month to the salon, this also lets you maintain proper hygiene.


When Remove them

Unfortunately even if they look very nice there comes a time when we remove gel nails, as the nails grow the difference on the edge of the cuticle notice when it becomes very clear, it is time to remove them, and if desired you can place new, but if you prefer to leave them natural.

Gel nails can be used to protect the natural length of your nails and maintain a manicure for longer or to help with fake nails that can change every month. Read more here on http://www.healthknowing.com/2015/opi-avoplex-nailcuticle-oil-av-710-15-ml-2/.