7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Ties

Lose that tie preferred by carelessness or lack of proper care it is very sad and find a similar one among so many existing models is virtually impossible, for this reason we did a roundup of basic rules for those who want to keep the piece in good condition for years, see below:

1- One of the biggest enemies of the ties is the stain of food, so use a napkin around his neck during meals might seem like a somewhat bizarre idea, since few people have this habit, but if you are alone, in a coffee shop or even a food court there is so much trouble, but the same attitude during a business meeting is not indicated the better you run the risk of returning home with the same stained accessory. Lose the tie, but don’t miss the pose!

2- Are also common accidents in the bathroom, you go wash your hands and casually down, plunging the tie in the sink. To avoid this kind of setback put the tie inside the shirt, between the second and the third button or use the catch;

3- Use the same tie two days no time resting tissue, creating folds and wrinkles on face undesirable. The best thing is to let it get some air, then save it and choose another copy for the next day;

4- Never, under any circumstances, keep your tie the knot made, that’s going to knead it, enrugá it, deforming it and God knows what else. The rule is clear, took it in the neck, undo the knot with affection;

5- You can’t wash your tie at home and consider dry cleaning the last resort, because even the chemistry used in the laundry can deform it and take their color and luster, that is why you should keep her away from dirt at all costs;

6- Pass the ruffled tie is another lurch, the heat from the iron can also fade their color and change your format. Follow the tips, store it properly and never worry about it, but in case you didn’t turn on the shower hot escape and leave it hanging next to him for about 15 minutes, the steam should relax the tissue and end up with wrinkles;

7- The ties should be stored inside the wardrobe, protected from the light that can affect your color. They should be hung so that gravity always keep smooth and in right way, and there are even racks and hangers for that, but, unfortunately, are not easy to find.

Remembering that…

Commonly the ties are made of jacquard silk (more expensive) or polyester (the cheapest) and, in this case the tips above apply perfectly.For some time the ties of crochet, down since the ‘ 60, have returned to fashion, as are great for more casual looks, but because of your structure does not advise the use of the rack or hanger, the plot will probably stretch or deform, keep them rolled into a drawer clean and take extra care when releasing the node and pass near sharp objects , hooks, wire and spiral notebooks, a little pull on the wire and tie!

In time:

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