7 Myths About Pregnancy You Need to Deconstruct

So you find out you’re pregnant!A moment of great joy, but also a lot of insecurity and doubts, especially when the comments begin not so happy about pregnant women.

Let’s combineThe repertoire of myths about pregnancy is enormous – and sometimes scary – but, one thing is certain:if you want to pass a quiet gestation , just laughing at the tales of the little animal that will reach you, this is the right choice!Check out this post the five myths of pregnancy that you need to deconstruct!

1. Fasting is the best solution for morning sickness

Quite the opposite.Eating more times a day, and in smaller amounts, helps decrease the feeling of nausea.Citrus foods, such as lemon, are great solutions to counteract the nausea feeling as they regulate the ph of the stomach.

2. Too much heartburn is a baby’s hairy sign.

Ah, this is typical of Sunday lunches, when there is always an aunt, neighbor, or even mother or grandmother to say:”Girl, this whole heartburn is a sign that the baby is hairy, eh?”

Myth.Heartburn happens due to two factors:

  • Hormonal changes:the increase of progesterone during gestation causes relaxation of the valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus.This causes the gastric acids to return giving an unpleasant sensation of acidity in the mouth and burning in the throat and chest.
  • Changes in the anatomy of the body:As the uterus increases, the stomach and intestine become more and more depressed and digestion is compromised, becoming slow.Gas is then formed and with the stomach under pressure, food tends to return through the esophagus causing the terrible heartburn.

To avoid this discomfort, invest in a nutritious and easily digestible diet such as fruits – papaya, grape, banana and peach – dried fruit, chamomile tea and lemon.Avoid spicy, fatty, overly sugary foods that can make the picture worse.

3. Having sex during pregnancy hurts the baby

Of the myths about pregnancy, this is one of the champions.

In healthy pregnancies, sex is more than liberated!In addition to increasing blood flow in the pelvic region, which improves fetal oxygenation, the hormones produced by the body bring a sense of well-being to the baby and even help in the body’s natural preparation for childbirth.

It is good to remember that the sexual act does not hurt the baby, since it is wrapped around the uterus and well protected by the amniotic sac.

4. Pointed belly is boy’s pregnancy, and wide belly, girl

The shape of the belly has a connection with the type of body of the mother and not with the sex of the baby. So if you want to know the sex of the baby, there are imaging tests, such as ultrasonography, which are performed from 16 to 20 weeks – 4 to 5 months of gestation – in which you can see the sex of the baby.

Another method, but still very expensive, is Fetal Sexing.Made after 8 weeks, it is able to detect the presence of the Y chromosome, the male chromosome, in the mother’s blood and gives 99% certainty if the woman has not performed any blood transfusion or organ transplant.

It is worth remembering that for pregnant women with twins or more, the test can only respond if there are boys or there are no boys.The results of the examination usually take 5 to 10 days to get ready.

5. Pregnant women can not exercise

The practice and physical exercises suitable for the pregnant woman is more than indicated!

In addition to maintaining high self-esteem of the pregnant woman, it helps to control the risk of gestational diabetes, prevents overweight gain, helps strengthen muscles, reduces the risk of hypertension and prepares the body for labor.

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Myths about pregnancy are not lacking in the repertoire of families and the popular imagination.The main tip, not to be hostage them, is to talk to your doctor about your doubts and fears.He is the best person to tell you what is best for you and your baby.

And you, do you know other myths about pregnancy that you want to demystify with us?Leave your comment and share with us!