6.0 Android Returns a Nvidia Shield after The Failure of The WiFi

The Nvidia Shield tablet users began receiving 6.0 Android Marshmallow in early February, well ahead of most of the devices with the Google OS. But now remember the saying that rush aren’t good and less on a product that already has a black history back, so those rush brought a corrupted version that caused more than one visit to the technical service and the consequent disgust.

After two weeks of break, from Thursday 18 February American manufacturer It has picked up the distribution of the new version of Android by OTA. He announced in a very simple message through the forums GeForce which transmits his confidence that once again not reproduce that error, that was fatal for some devices.

The failure was in the own software version, the 4.4. After installation, some users lost the WiFi function. NVIDIA went some rabbits to try to solve it, but not arranged deficiency in all cases, and some had to be repaired under warranty.

A version of Android 6.0 almost raw

Chosen Marshmallow version is very similar to the original in Google, with so just a couple of additives: a new application for the camera that takes performance to your GPU and interface customization options do much faster access to their programs and use of the appliance-centric.

There are two versions of tablet Nvidia Shield, since the original model was replaced by the K1 model by an overheating problem. The second version users were among the first to enjoy 6.0 Android Marshmallow and have not experienced any problem. All the setbacks have come up with the original model, which was also more expensive launch.

The return of the updates has come alongside a new impulse for its gaming platform from the cloud, GeForce Now. This week also supported by Square Enix, which has already published in the remake of Tomb Raider and has other four titles in road.