Tips to Get a Bikini Body


Tropical prints are the absolute trendy patterns for the swimwear. Everything somehow has to do with plants is welcomed in this season. The hibiscus flowers, flower in bright colors, pineapple and palm leaves are exotic and reminiscent of jungle or tropical fauna. These patterns are rather striking. For those who like quiet, should opt for a subtle pattern. Accessories like bows and delicate ruffles are subtly sexy and playful. The delicate pastel colors produce a girlish look. Such colors fit not only perfect for the bikini, but also for the hat and other summer accessories. Cute dots, plaids or flower in bright colors also spread summer mood and fit to the holiday mood.

Get a Bikini Body


You’d better pay attention to your cups unlike men’s swim shorts, since the shape will vary from bikini to bikini. Some bandeau bikinis have a small V-neck, and some types are designed with neat cut. You can choose the bandeau bikini that shows more skins. If you don’t want to show much skin, try the conservative version. If you like something striking feeling, choose a bikini with golden decorative buckle that shines with the sun. In addition, with the bikini adorned by pearl pendant and semi-precious stones, you will look more gorgeous on the beach.


Finding the right bikini is not always an easy task. It should sit close to your body and flatter your figure. The bikini is your constant companion to the beach, lake and swimming pool in the summer, so you need to take a good care of it. To keep your newly acquired bikini in good condition, you’d better follow a few instructions as bellow.

1. Wash: Right after swimming you should rinse the bikini with cold, clear water to remove residues of sand, chlorine and salt water. In this way, the elasticity of the fabric can avoid being damaged.

2. Swimming and sun bathing: The most important rule is that never do both in the same bikini! The sun’s rays can fade the wet bikini and harm the elasticity of fabric. When you take the sunbath, it is recommended that after applying the lotion you wait up to 30 minutes before you put on the bikini to avoid residues.

3. Wash steps: You should regularly wash your bikini so that the dirt won’t penetrate into the fabric. The ideally time is every three to four days. Wash the bikini at best by hand with a mild detergent. If you have to wash this by washing machine, choose for a wash temperature below 30 degree and put the bikini in a small bag, so that the underwire and decorative elements are not tangled up and fall off.

4. Drying: Don’t wring out the Bikini! You would ruin the elasticity of the fabric and the bikini would easily stretch out. Lightly press the wet bikini on a towel and dry in a well-ventilated room with adequate space. Don’t hang up (expand the fabric) or dry in the sunlight (the fabric fades out)!

5. Storing: Place the bikini flat in a shelf, a drawer or a box. Let your bikini completely dry before you store it. This will prevent mold growth.