5 Office Applications For iPad

Yesterday I even read on the site Complain Here an indignant consumer who had bought an iPad and the seller had not informed that he could not open Office documents.

The response of the company (Electro 9) was to apologize and such, that the consumer could return the product if he wanted.

But the seller was right.And the company does not know, like many users, that it is possible to open (and even edit) Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the iPad.

Important: As I wrote in another article, you should not expect Office documents imported by one of these applications to retain all of the original formatting.

If you need to transfer a file from your PC to an affordable tablet, I advise you to use a service like DropBox.

Depending on the features you have used, a lot of formatting may be lost.This is not to say that your original file will be modified, it may just not be viewed as you edited it.

Also do not expect to find in these applications the same editing features present in the Microsoft Office package.They are simpler.I think that’s great, but they did not have to be so “bare”.

There are many free and paid apps that you can download from the Apple Store:

Quickoffice Lite/Free

Quickoffice is one of the most popular applications among mobile users.

  • It serves to open Office files and some others as well: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, PDF, iWork, html, png, jpg, gif, svg, tif, mp3.

Ferrou : Google bought QuickOffice and this free version has disappeared from Apple’s application store. Skip to the next application …

Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad/$ 19.99

While the Quick Lite version only opens, with this paid version you can also do the editing.

  • Files can be written to data storage services, such as the DropBox.
  • It also opens most of the attached files in emails, including PDF files.
  • It is possible to edit documents Word 97-2010, in doc, docx and txt files;Excel 97-2010 documents, xls and xlsx files, and PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 documents.
  • In all of them Quickoffice Pro HD still offers some additional editing features.

Documents To Go Premium/$ 16.99

DataViz specializes in Office-style suites.DTG Premium opens and edits Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, including the 2007/2008/2010 versions.

  • Provides the option to sync documents stored in Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, iDisk and SugarSync.
  • Open password protected Word 97-2004 files and Excel 97-2004 files.
  • DataViz states that the application opens unmodified embedded charts, tables, comments, header/footer notes, text boxes.
  • Opening and creating files doc, docx (Word);Xls and xlsx (Excel) and ppt, pptx (PowerPoint).
  • Also opens PDFs, offering some extra viewing capabilities.

ThinkFree Office Mobile/Free

Like Quickoffice Lite, this application is only for opening (and sharing) Office documents.

  • Supports pdf files;MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint);Rtf, txt, html, jpg, gif, png and bmp formats.
  • The developer (Hancom Inc.) still offers a free file storage service.

Pages/$ 9.99

Unlike other applications, Pages, as the name implies, is a text editor.And it was developed by Apple itself.

  • You can open and edit Word documents.
  • Pages works with iCloud, which allows documents to sync between all iOS devices automatically.
  • Includes 16 card templates, reports and cards.
  • Enables the use of the iPad’s virtual keyboard or a wireless keyboard.
  • It offers features of: text around the image;Page browser and thumbnail preview;Final note and footnote;Word count;Automatic rescue;Option after reopening the document.
  • Save/export documents such as Pages ’09, Word or PDF