5 Makeup Tips That Can Make All the Difference

Today all women already know the power of a good makeup, which can be a great ally of female beauty , which in addition to standardize the skin, rejuvenate, can highlight a few points as well as hide or disguise other, for other hand the exaggeration can for everything to lose, stressing that whether or not leaving the visual heavier anyway, makeup, well used, can be of great help, leaving us more beautiful and even more confident.

OK, we already know that the makeup is a good ally and stuff, but does know to use it to our advantage? So, so that we can succeed in time for a production, you need to have some basic knowledge, so we don’t have unpleasant surprises, and that’s what we’ll show now, makeup tips simple and easy, but it can make all the difference in the travelationary.com.

Makeup tips

1-take it easy!

Less is always more, and that goes for everything, so no err in hand, exaggerations, the heavy makeup are out of fashion as well as grow old horrors. By overreacting, rather than disguise certain aspects and rejuvenate the appearance, the result can be the opposite. One of the important tips for makeup is in disguise dark circles, apply concealer on the inner corner of the eyes, so that the cosmetic layer be thinner, disguising the imperfection.

2-healthy skin

Put some color in your skin, because healthy-looking skin is synonymous with beauty, for that bet on pigmented moisturizers, which charge particles enlightening to the skin. Correctly apply this cosmetic is one of the most important makeup tips. The secret is to use a damp sponge or brush, putting some product at a time, without creating a very thick layer on the skin.

3-warm colors

One of the makeup tips is to play the warm colours, noting that a good makeup should seek to play a natural skin perfect, for this use and abuse of the natural shades of lipstick, which seem rosy lips well hydrated, as well as in a Blush that mimics rosy cheeks that will look youthful and fresh to makeup.

4-Highlight your eyes

Generally the most beautiful the makeup look, your eyes around and making them more evident on his face. To give a highlight, one of the most simple makeup tips: use the curvez bright shadows, mascara. Highlight the eyelid, bend the lashes and apply mascara, your eyes will appear larger and more alive. And to finish, complement outlining the eyebrows and hiding any flaws.

5-lips outlined

Anything exaggeration, remember that subtlety is everything so well delineated, in this case, I mean a mouth with natural contour. The last of the five tips and makeup is, when you finish make the skin, as the ends tend to be more off, trace your lips with a pencil color of mouth and only then apply the lipstick.