5 Ideas For Decorating Homes with High Ceilings

Inherit, rent, reform… There are many possibilities that can lead us to live in a nice house or flat with high ceilings, but how to face time to furnish and decorate while in a balanced way, or leave too much empty space or come to saturate? Today I commented 5 proposals that can help you at the time of choosing which items will be part of our endless four walls.

1) dominate the light

Normally, high -roofed houses often also with quite high windows; but, if this is not the case, the solution to counteract the feeling of empty space is placed quite far away from the top frame of the window drapery rod, fabric start very high and, if possible, also touches the ground. Vertical effect will wear a lot wall and remove the meters, at first glance, blighted.

2) vertical furniture


According to aceinland, one of the advantages of the rooms with high ceilings is that, however small, that is very complicated that lack storage hollow, since vertical usually has generous limits of three meters in front. Therefore, this distribution offers the convenience of choosing furniture as many as you want, provided that they have at the top. The choice of modular sets that extend depending on the needs is a very useful idea to optimize space.

(3) fashion stalactite

If the interior of a House requires us to decorate in the majority of cases of bottom-up… why not the opportunity of an inverse space, higher than broad, to make hanging decoration? From the lamp, which we will have to choose lower not to invest too much in the light output, until the details such as plants, fabrics, garlands or any supplement that you can think of us.

4) square decoration

As in any case, it must be respected a margin of respite so that the wall is not too drawn. In this type of stays, pictures are a great help to occupy much of the walls, and much play when combining them can give them. Don’t forget to also add as part of the decoration light focal points to support the main lamp.

And the horizontal ends?

Among so much wall, must be concluded with the details that can be added to the soil and to the ceiling. In the first case, a recommendation with regard to the cold months is to place a rug that will not only reduce the sensation of coldness of the high rooms, but it also will curb the excess of eco. Finally, in the element protagonist, ceiling, can always add vertices, in case there is no them, mouldings or friezes that mitigate the effect of continuity and give a personal touch which is evident to the rearing of the view.