40 Weeks of Pregnancy

At the beginning of anything is to see but later in pregnancy, the belly is getting fatter and fatter, a baby developed from the heap of cells and also at the expectant Mama a lot happens!

The around 40 or 42 weeks of pregnancy include (depending on the counting method) for the Mummy to the exciting their lives! Suddenly, what is there in her belly. Slowly, a new person emerged. But what exactly happens during this exciting time? What is changing, as is the course of pregnancy?

Pregnancy: Week 1-8

In the first few weeks, the abdomen is quite flat. There are no changes to see with the naked eye. But the expectant MOM will notice quite a bit with security. The first signs of pregnancy can occur early. Nausea, dizziness, a drag in the chest or the absence of the period can be an indication of talent.

Usually a pregnancy test or directly visit at the gynecologist follows the first suspicion. Did you first do a test, which was positive, you should make an appointment with the doctor promptly. It is good to check at an early stage. The doctor may then exhibit the mother pass is documented in the further course of the pregnancy with fashion from Andyeducation.

The hormones are during these first weeks in turmoil-hence the nausea. Mood swings are also typical. In the remainder of the pregnancy, which regulates most.

A pregnancy ultrasound pictures:

Also on gofeminin: a pregnancy ultrasound scans

Pregnancy: Week 9-16

Suddenly, the first three months are over! Now is normalcy for many pregnant women. The idea that there a baby in a growing, is gone, the nausea and the leaden fatigue usually disappear.

Also first physical changes can show up gradually. The belly is growing a bit, even the breasts are now bigger and many expectant moms enjoy a rosy complexion, because their skin is better irrigated.

The best: At the end of the third month of pregnancy the first ultrasound examination is pending. Can see your baby for the first time!

Pregnancy: Week 17-24

The belly is visibly thicker and you can feel your baby’s first movements now. If you you still have care of a birth preparation courses , you should do this as quickly as possible, otherwise you will get no place maybe.

In many women, the progressive course of pregnancy now causing minor complaints. Heartburn, because the sphincter muscle of the stomach due to the hormone no longer so good works, heavy legs, frequent urination or back pain. Often the problems are harmless and you can fix them with small measures. By eating smaller meals, more often put up the legs or counteracts the back pain with pregnancy exercises. Pregnancy gymnastics includes often also pelvic floor muscle training. Also you should begin now to train the muscles and to have later no problems with unintentional urination.

With a bit of luck, you can find out the sex of the baby during this period! And can concretely start with planning the baby’s room. About the matching stroller you should get by the way already thought. The delivery times are very long.

Pregnancy: Week 25-32

A no brainer, who were last month for the expectant MOM she gradually realizes the thicker expectant belly increasingly hindered them. Many everyday tasks difficult all of a sudden, it gets tired faster. Listen to your body and let slow down everything now. Give you pause.

More than half of the pregnancy is over. The thoughts begin to circle more and more the topic of birth. Get it now at the latest thoughts, where you want to bring the child to the world. Often the birth preparation courses begins at this time. Here you’ll get lots of tips and help.

Pregnancy: Week 33-40

Not only the expectant Mommy prepares for the birth, many babies go gradually in the birth position. About four weeks before the birth they rotate with the head down into the correct position. That can feel the expectant Mommy with a hard be of the belly and lower labor.

A normal running pregnancy follow-up visits are from the 33rd week of pregnancy every two weeks at the gynecologist. It is important to control the course of the pregnancy. Because so close to the end so unsightly diseases can occur such as preeclampsia (pregnancy poisoning), posed a risk to mother and child.

The few weeks before the birth take advantage of many moms to make the last preparations for the child. The nursery is set up ready, the clinic case is packed in the bedroom. And someday the first contractions are then. There we go!

It was very briefly summarized the course of pregnancy. A detailed description for weeks there is here: SSW1-SSW42.