4 Reasons to Use Less High Heels

Although It Is, In Fact, A Beauty Accessory, Its Continuous Use Can Bring Serious Damages To Health, Besides Offering Risk In Different Situations

High heels are one of the main features used by women to look more beautiful. Many will not give up their heels at any time of day-whether at work, college, meeting friends or even at home. While it is, in fact, a beauty accessory, its continued use can bring serious damage. If you are a frequent user of high heels, consider the factors below and review your preferences.

1-High Heels Are Not Healthy

Of course, in some situations, jumping is almost a veiled obligation. But try to keep this type of shoe in the closet most of the time because very frequent use can seriously damage your spine.

In addition, the feet also deserve a rest, even if it is from time to time. Calluses and bunions are among the problems that can be caused by the indiscriminate use of high heels. Varicose veins can also be aggravated by this type of accessory, since the heel requires much more of the legs than shoes without heel.

2-High Heel Is Not Comfortable

You may have gotten used to high heels most of the time, but that does not mean that it is comfortable. Try wearing low sneakers and sandals for a week and you’ll realize how comfortable this type of footwear is. If you spend a good part of the day sitting, you may not notice the difference so expressively, but for those who walk-even short distances-during the day, the exchange will be most welcome.

3-High Heels Are Not Always Safe

When high heels are used, there is always a risk that the shoe will become entangled in a gap or floor failure. If you’ve ever been through this situation, you know how embarrassing it is and, more than that, it’s dangerous to have your shoe stuck in the pavement.

Another possible problem is that the floor is so irregular that it is difficult to walk around it in a jump. These situations can cause stumbling, falling and twisting and, the more they can be avoided, the better.

There is no legislation in Brazil prohibiting the use of any jumping height while driving, but it is always risky to opt for this type of footwear at the wheel. In addition to the fact that the heel does not provide the necessary firmness to ensure safety, it can be very uncomfortable to operate the vehicle’s pedals.

4-High Heels Is Not Unanimous When It Comes To Elegance

A few years ago, when low-heeled shoes were not usually designed to look good, high heels were justifiable from a fashion standpoint. This argument, however, can no longer be used.

Sneakers, sandals, slippers and even sneakers are currently as stylish as high-heeled shoes. Most clothes also fit perfectly with these smaller options-and you can ride amazing looks without appealing to the jump. Even to go out at night, if the occasion is a meeting in a bar, for example, sneakers may be the best option.

Of course, the jump does not lose its glamor-and you can use it in certain situations, to feel more sexy and beautiful-but try to put it aside whenever possible.