3:00 Pm 1 Scarf

Today’s post is that people who never have the patience to read the huge texts that I keep writing here. Today we get right to the point! The story is very simple: Tuesday race. Look: jeans, striped pulôverzinho with face of Coco Chanel and closed shoe with leather imitating croco. Basic, no mystery.

What we do to add bossa in case of basic yet elegant look?Accessories. And, as it’s getting more chilly every day, I was in the closet Qatar a tissue of these big ones you can give several laps. I found a Navy Blue printed with discreet Eagles and went to him.

The coolest of the choice of scarf is that you can adjust the use of it to times of the day, varying only the mooring. O just as he surrendered today:

We start with him penduradinho in the bag=super practical

After the moment of the day, rush=turban perfect to leave the hair in place

Finally, we come to the traditional neck=fluffy is getting more chilly with the end of the day and any extra protection is valid.

And, since we’re talking about scarves from INVESTTOPS: the path of the few and good is always a good choice. In most classic looks. With that in mind, the Golden bracelet in the shape of mouth, was the perfect choice to reign in the soles look.

Finally, utilitarian bag and shoe with face half of male closed the look.

Basic, elegant and almost fit into 140 characters #sqn