3 Keys to Combine Military Jacket

I love the military style! I love the military-style jackets, garments with camouflage print , the military boots and of course, military-style jackets. Even if you think that I’ve become crazy about what I’m going to tell you, military style seems super chic and stylish. A priori the military makes you think in rough clothes and a casual style, but today I can tell you that I found in them the key to wear Basic looks with that special dot that makes them different.

Today I want to share with you an outfit I already shared a few days ago in my social networks, on instagram and facebookprofiles. In addition I have left 3 keys that can help you when it comes to combining military jacket


It is important to know how to combine military jacket, take it to your land and succeed with a look of your style. This coat is my latest acquisition of military style so far (well I lie, I have a cap of Tommy Hilfiger that came to me a few days ago that you will love!). I promise to look very soon!

If the result of today look like here I leave my 3 keys to combine military jacket of this style.

  1. Items: It is super important to choose well garments accompanying military jacket in your look. To get a look like that you teach today, I advise that you choose Basic garments. Some jeans and a chubby jersey knit are enough to create a look cool with your military jacket.
  2. Colors: Another thing that we have to take into account is what colors will allow us to combine our military-style jacket. Remember that it must be the protagonist of the look so you choose well so your jacket military highlight of the whole.
  3. Give your personal touch to the look: Unintentionally, always we tend to put our personal touch to the looks. This makes them ours and no one else. I opted instead for a Red Hat and some ugg booties. With these two details, I got a look comfortable and full of personality. Look at the details of your jacket to finish off the look. I as I saw terminations in red this coat military knew that I had to put details in this color to give strength to the look.

What do you think? To me the result I loved, a look comfortable, casual and chic, one of my favorites for this season.


Regular readers of this blog of fashion have been able to go see different looks with military jackets over the years. I’ve compiled some of the looks so puedasn serve you inspired to combine military jacket.

  1. In this post , I taught another option to combine a military jacket. This time the jacket is type blazer and black color that you will see more times here as soon as it starts good weather
  2. A year ago (my God how time passes) you taught this look with a green military jacket .
  3. A proposed more spring to pick up ideas of how combine a jacket patterned camouflage with a dress.
  4. I loved this look . I think it mixes many things that make it special: one, a few boyfriends (my favorite garment); two, mixing stripes with leo and Red (one of my combinations star); three, the military jacket tops the look in a brutal way.

What do you think about these proposals? What is your favorite?

Do you think the look today? I hope you enjoyed the post and the tips you serve to your looks that should have a very good day!

A little thing, tomorrow there will be no post, as I told you yesterday I go travel and I walk very just in time, I have things to close before I go and I have to do them today Yes or Yes… I already feel it… I hope you to understand it. That Yes, I hope by instagram where I will be teaching my day looks and more things of this trip. See us on Monday my girls! A great big kiss.