3 Coats That Will Save You This Summer

That crazy title, isn’t that right, folks? But the truth is that you can’t give up the coats completely after that comes the hottest season. Is that beyond the air-conditioning of the establishments and offices are placed in minimum temperature, causing the typical about-more-hot-cold anymore, yet we suffer with winds and breezes at night to look at 33 degrees after a whole day on the beach. That is, feel a chill in the summer is normal and it is better to be prepared.

As you can’t use the wool sweater or leather jacket – because it’s not so cold and you don’t want to seem inconsistent, separated here

Three great choices of jackets that will save you this summer:

Long Cardigan

Cardigans are always great for the summer. Are practical because they are open in front and is usually molhinhos and little heavy fabrics. The longest are the most current versions and are especially beautiful in the summer look. That’s because it’s really nice to use lengths of short/skirt/ shorts, dress with long cardigan, is super cool. Who break into, is a resource alongador.

◊ Here’s a little guide to using cardigan with style with link of GETZIPCODES

Sports jackets

Before you twist the nose for them (because they look like Grandpa jacket), 90 years trends are there to be exploited, as well as the increasing tendency to bring the sporting elements for casual looks. Not to be stereotypical, prefer the largest and wide, that make contrast of style with the look that is “under”. Apart from being very modern, they are great in the summer because they protect especially the rain and wind and no heat up too.

Weft knitting open

Yes, there are light and great tricots for the summer. The more open the plot, the better. Look great with short shorts and short skirts, and even over dresses. They are usually free and great for play over the summer lookzinho, being perfect for that evening by the sea. Still have the added benefit that you can enjoy them in the fall.

What do you think of coats in the summer? The jacket is also a great option – has a whole post about it here.