21 Cool Ways To Own Maternity Style At Work When You’re Pregnant

Whoever follows me on Instagram blog would realize that yesterday was a day of getting poorer.

In the morning, I stopped by the C & A to check the news from the collection of the PatBo with Barbie for C & A and later went to the baby and the pregnant woman who is having in Washington State. I know I promised I’d show the shopping for you today, but we had a basic problem in traffic from my town yesterday and it took me almost 2 hours to get home. I even managed to record the video, but I was so tired that I couldn’t edit it and fell asleep.

As the day was gone I couldn’t post here yesterday, but to compensate them for everything, I’ve separated some looks that used to work these past few weeks to show you.

To start, I got some basic photography last day that went into a pair of jeans!
Yes! My jeans are already all tucked in a corner for when I lose the extra pregnancy pounds. I ended up buying a pair of jeans for pregnant to work, I found nothing attractive price, but as I’m using it way too much, already well worth the investment.

This black pants is still serving me, as it is adjustable at the waist, there is a way! I chose this blouse pink with transparent screen and to exit the obvious, combined with this sandal from oz.

A while ago, I posted on instagram a selfie of person who speaks to you (http://www.petsinclude.com/2016/tips-to-keep-the-style-during-maternity/) and all asked me about the “shirt” that I was using. The problem is that, in fact, the shirt is a dress, or better, a beach that my mother bought with Isadora Duncan and I’ve picked up for me. Very beautiful isn’t it?

If you have a piece that helps to disguise the tummy, is this the vest. It stretches the silhouette as it creates a vertical line on the look, tapering curves and stretching the length. That day, I opted for this black and white pants and played the “military” vest over to give a more stripped.

Finally, a good casual look. Hi-Lo more than that, just when I turn hippie!
These jeans have also been hit-and-dry at that stage paunchy, besides being super comfortable. To change a little, I put this kimono sweet of Leader and, as now I’m banned from working in heels (after my fall, when I wear them my husband and boss yell at me! ), I used this cute sneaker that I got from the boy.

And then girls … What do you think?

What was you favorite?

Unfortunately, now it’s a little harder to get dressed, but I’m turning 30!

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