200-Euro-Smartphones:You Should Make Sure When Purchasing

Current Smartphones from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and also LG and co. can be offered occasionally for more than 700 euros. But besides this flagship models, there are numerous Smartphones that are by no means bad, and promise a much better value for money in the area of the middle class. We want to share with you which models in this category to classify are, in this post.

What you should look for when a mid-range Smartphone for 200 euro

Just like in a classical computer, the installed processor is the heart of even in a modern Smartphone. Nowadays you should you get a Smartphone, that is equipped with a dual-core chip, at least. Single-core processors promise juddering namely for certain apps. In the field of 200 euro smartphones already get models that are equipped with a fast quad-core chip. In this context especially the Motorola is Moto G to mention, that we here even a little will explore in this article.

Storage and display

In the selection of the store, you should pay attention to your usage patterns. However, most of the Android smartphones provides a way to comfortable extending of the memory. This is not the case, the selection of the ultimate storage size with particular caution should be. From the purchase price of 200 euros you could be seen clearly differences when it comes to the quality of the display the individual smartphones to the part. Devices that are offered at such a price, typically have a 4 to 4.5 inch Panel, which however never resolves content with full HD. Yet at least there should be a HD resolution. This is particularly bad for the Otto-normal consumer nor in the weight thing to establish is with the smaller size of the Smartphone screens.

Tip: Access to the models of the manufacturer from the previous year

The models that have brought individual producers in the respective previous year on the market are in the range of 200-euro smartphones in the first place. The potential saving is usually always given from 12 as prices due to newer smartphones of other top brands cannot be. The mini models from Samsung offers but also in this context, because it is scaled-down versions of the South Korean automaker’s flagship smartphones. The LG G4 is also a good choice also for the LG G Flex 2, as well as on the Motorola Moto G is true.

Order smart phones with contract at discount prices online

Who wants to save a few euros on the purchase of a new smartphone, which should take a price comparison in any case at hand. Without a contract, you can find here various featured at several prestigious dealer. You decide, however, rather for a Smartphone with a contract, so the price comparison is sometimes slightly heavier, because the conditions of the single tariffs differ from each other. The shop mobile discounter matching such a good AllNet flat comparison offers, where you can get even the Apple iPhone 6 s with 16 GB as 1 euro contract.