15 Steps to a Healthy Diet

Everyone seeks to have a healthy diet, but will know the necessary steps to achieve it? Check here!

15 Steps to a Healthy Diet

In the first place, only the fact that you prefer to read about a healthy diet compared with an extremist, you should be proud enough to convince you to follow all of the recommendations that will be given further below.
Actually, you never talked so much in the benefits of a healthy diet as in the days of today.
The expression “we Are what we eat” has never had so much sense as now, because today they are known the effects that power has on the functioning of the body and state of mind.
Being healthy is easy and it is in fashion, soon after reading these tips do not have more excuses to continue to follow a unbalanced diet.



Comply with the recommended doses is one of the most difficult issues. You should, however, strive to meet them, because eating more will certainly lead to an increase in weight.

A good option to comply with the portions recommended, is to use a dessert plate instead of a plate normal, for example.


As you may already know, the human being is a creature of habit.

This means that this only asks for what you are used to having. So if you accustomed your organism to receive only 3 meals per day, it is normal that this does not ask for more.

However, this does not mean that you don’t need more or that all 3 meals are sufficient, because they are not!

This way, you should eat at least 5 meals per day, and you should not spend more than 3 hourswithout eating.

In this way, it will be easier to control your appetite at main meals and it will not come to these with the body descompensado, able to absorb everything you give it.

Some of the best ways to be able to organize your day food are:

  • Prepare a box with food and water needed for their day’s work;
  • Organize everything the day before, so that in the morning is just grab the box and exit (5 minutes in bed are valuable!);
  • Cook food more when you have some free time (weekend, dinner, lunch…) and divide into individual portions that you can store in the fridge, so that when you do not have time to cook, just need to warm up;
  • For the snacks interim, use food for immediate consumption and without the need for a specific preparation (bread, low-fat yogurt, fruit, nuts…).


It is true, the water should be the same as the center of our power.

While the juices and soft drinks (alcoholic drinks not to mention!) have a high energetic value and, if they are not filled with sugar or alcohol, are rich in sweeteners, which are also not in itself objectionable.

In this way, the drink of choice should be the same as the water.

The consumption recommended per day is variable, however, it should drink enough so that your urine is free from smell and color.

On colder days, you can drink the water in the form of tea (without sugar, of course!) and, on warmer days, add a few drops of lemon, a stick of cinnamon, some mint leaves or a few slices of cucumber to give it more flavor.


From the little that we hear that say that eating vegetables “do well”. “But it does well what?”, question for you. The answer could not be more simple: everything!

It is true, vegetables are good for everything.

To be cooked, baked, raw or sautéed, are green, yellow, orange or red, must ingest them as much as possible, trying to vary to the maximum the type and the method of cooking chosen.

This is because although all be beneficial to you, these do different things and it is important not to make the diet monotonous.

You should also eat always the vegetable soup before the dish is available for lunch and dinner, as this will be rich in vitamins and minerals, to have an effect saciante, and help you keep hydrated.

Above all, be creative in the way he adds the vegetables to your meals: mix multiple colors, if you have little time use the options in frozen, look for different recipes and escape from the typical broccoli cooked and boring salad of lettuce and tomato.

In between meals, you can also choose to insert a carrot or a cucumber cut up in sticks… Sounds or not sounds like a good idea?


As you already know, these products are very important due to their content of protein, which not only helps in maintenance of lean body mass but also prolongs the feeling of satiety for a longer time.

Thus, these foods should always be present in your plate lunch and dinner.

As in the previous cases, the key to success here is also vary.

Here are some tips on how to select the protein source:

  • Prefer the fish in relation to the meat;
  • Eat fish 1x/week (salmon, sardines,…);
  • Choose lean meats (turkey, chicken, rabbit) in relation to the fatty meat (pork);
  • Always remove the skin and fat visible;
  • Ingest a maximum of 3 eggs per week;
  • Choose methods of cooking with a lower use of fat (grilling, boiling, cooking in steam, and even roast or stewed in a little fat).

If eating was only important for us to stay alive, then the human being would not have been born with the palate.
It is essential to taste the meal that you are doing! Use and abuse of condiments, and make your meal a moment of pleasure.
For this reason, it is important to chew slowly and resting your cutlery between each mouthful. This act will also assist in the digestion and help you all the benefits of the food are used by your body.


With regard to dairy products, there is a lot of science: you Should always prefer the slim. Opt for yogurt with less than 5g of carbohydrates and less than 1g of fat per 100g.

Prefer also the low-fat cheeses, such as fresh cheese, curd cheese, cheese, spreadable, light cheese, quark, cow that laughs at light or babybell light.


We go to the dreaded carbohydrates!

The bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, and, contrary to what it may find, are not your enemies and must not regard them as such.

However, as in most cases, you must control the amount of portions you eat.

In regards to carbohydrates specifically, these are not all the same. We have those that are made from grain refined (white bread, for example) and those that come from whole grains (bread, dark).

The reason why the integrals are preferable is because the fibers present in these decrease fat absorption, provide energy and satiety for more time and promote a good functioning of intestinal transit.

If you still are not convinced, then prove these two varieties weeks different and you will see that you will feel the difference!


The salt, as is already well known, is one of the main determinants of problems, such as hypertension, which damage the cardiovascular health.

Seek to reduce, where possible, the salt consumption, avoiding pre-prepared meals or spices artificial as broths Knorr.

Use and abuse of the onion and the garlic, herbs and spices whenever you want, and you will see that not only can a dish much more tasty as is also doing a favor to your health!


I’m not going to say that following a healthy diet is easy…but also not so difficult! As in everything in life, it takes motivation and desire to achieve your goals.

For this, it is also necessary to say no to some foods.

It is not necessary there are lists of forbidden foods, it is important to know that there are foods that you should avoid in your day-to-day, and that should be only eaten on exceptional occasions: alcoholic beverages, fried foods, sweets and cakes are some examples.


Unfortunately, in the days of today, it becomes impossible to not eat sugar at all, because the sugar is present in many foods. However, it is possible to avoid it.

Avoid adding to beverages such as milk, tea and coffee, foods obviously high in sugar such as cakes, soft drinks and candy. However, you should do it gradually and not go from 80 to 8 from day to night.

Go reducing the amount of sugar which adds to the drinks, and decrease the frequency with which you eat sweets during the week.

In addition, it is important to always check food labels and reject foods with a large amount of sugars.

The sugar can also come disguised with names such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, dextrose, honey, molasses and syrup, soon you should be aware of the list of ingredients.


The fruit is a food that should be present in a healthy diet, because this is rich in vitamins, minerals, water and fiber.

However, the fruit is also rich in simple carbohydrates and fast-absorbing, so it should not take free-form, as it did with the vegetables.

In addition, you should ingest the fruit in the piece, raw and, where possible, with shell to take full advantage of all its benefits.

The fruit juices are not recommended, because to make a glass of juice, you need a larger quantity of fruit, and this, when it is squeezed into juice, it loses its beneficial features.


The fat is traditionally known as the enemy # 1 of a healthy diet, however this is a mistake. As they say, not so much the sea, not so much to the sierra!

Fat right and in the right quantity can be quite beneficial to your health.

Bet the unsaturated fats present in olive oil, in walnuts and salmon, for example, and avoid saturated fats coming from animal source, like lard, and trans fats originate from processed foods, such as fried potatoes.


In the house of the grandparents always ate the food “seriously”. Vegetables galore, meats, fish, plenty of fruit and a typical cuisine.

Panikes, slices of pizza, hotdogs or snacks mixed probably are not the first choices of their grandparents, therefore, do not let that be their also.

To these are added the crepes to chinese frozen, the noodles, the burgers, the douradinhos and many others.

To have a healthy diet, try to avoid these foods because they are rich in salt, sugars and fat.

15. STIR IT UP!!

Although it is not itself a component of a healthy diet, is without a doubt essential to a healthy life. Stir it up!
Walk, run, jump, play, play around, get a taste for exercise.
Look for a form of sport that you enjoy and include it in your routine. You will see that you will not regret it!