14 Beauty Tricks That Make Our Lives

Paper and pen in hand and attention to tips …

Skip the salon and get ready at home has some advantages: the comfort of home, save yourself frustration and spending money. But who wouldn’t want to, for example, wake up a little later rather than spend all morning getting ready? Or not to be late for a ballad emergence of makeup?

Thinking on practicality, you can find the 14 tips of beauty at BeautyPically.com which make your beauty routine much more quiet. As a bonus, you get a few minutes of extra sleep or greater time to do what you like.

1. X of the Matter

Have trouble passing the lipstick on the mouth corn-fed space? Make an X with a lip pencil to set the contour is a great alternative for you who suffers with precision. In your mouth off with concealer, start making an X with the same color lipstick pencil called “cupid’s bow”. In the same direction, make a curve in the low lip. From the colon, just keep the outline and then apply the color on the lips over.

2. Glow in Measure

Doing a make full of glitter is not the easiest task. The glitter spreads by the entire face and the result looks like make. We love a more extravagant makeup every once in a while, but if the glitter insist on leaving the place, very calm. Cut a piece of duct tape and go giving light taps in the region where the bright dust escaped. Do this to clean all excess and use a new piece of tape when you need.

3. Perfect Lashes

For a more dramatic look, the schema is spending a lot on the eyelashes mask below. To avoid smudges or excess product, place a tissue at the base of the eyelashes and pass the mask on top. Wait to dry for a few seconds and remove the handkerchief. If you find that the scarf is hard to be positioned underneath the hair, use an old credit card. If the trouble does not blur the mascara down at top eyelashes, please do not hesitate to repeat the trick.

4. Spoon Multipurpose

In search of the perfect outlined? Just go to the kitchen. That’s right: use a spoon to hit the dashes and angles of the eyeliner. With cable, you pull the line low, since the other party serves to complete the design and pull the dash off. Not to miss no way, pay attention to the position of the spoon on your face. Do you not understand?

5. Natural Primer

Oily skin? How about make a compress of ice on your face before applying the base? Prioritize the T zone (which goes from the forehead to the nose and tends to be more oily). The ice is also great compress to reduce swelling and redness of the skin when unwanted pimples appear.

6. Baby Lips

With the help of your favorite lip balm and a toothbrush, the softness of your lips is guaranteed. Attention to the recipe: pass the product all over your mouth and then exfoliate your lips, making a circular motion with a toothbrush for children, which is much more soft and will not assaulting your skin. It is good to take dead skins and ensure smoothness before applying the lipstick (we have more tips in 7 tricks to improve the dry mouth).

The old toothbrush and apparently without usefulness is also great to comb the eyebrows. Wash well and use it as a new brush. The same goes for the brush that mascara sweetheart.

7. Eyes Wide Open

Is sleepy and wants to enhance the look? Simple. Pass a pencil beige on the waterline, the contrast of colors will make your eyes appear bigger.

8. Lipstick 24/7

After you apply the lipstick on lips, place a paper towel in her mouth very thin and apply a layer of compact powder with the help of a brush over the scarf itself. Do this after the lipstick be dry lips, not to stick. The color will set in for much longer.

9. Do It Yourself: BB Cream

Facial moisturizer every day + your favorite concealer. The result? An effect BB cream and skin hydrated all day.

10. Look 43

For a dash of black pencil powerful heat the tip of his pencil with a lighter or match for a few seconds. This will make the texture more creamy and the stroke easier to be done.

11. Curveball

Optimize the effect of heating Eyelash curler with a hot jet of blow-dryer (but remember to keep a good distance to not get too hot and burn it). You can also put it inside her blouse and heat it with the contact with the skin.

12. Nail Decorated

To make a nail art of polka dots: use a band-aid of those full of holes at the two glazes and colors of your choice. Cut the part of the band-aid and position the nail already painted with the main color, but the nail polish is completely dry. Pass the color that will make the balls over the band-aid, wait a little and remove.

13. Focus in Disguise

If you have brown hair/dark, and you want to disguise a bit the arm of the apparent root, try spending a shade that resembles the tone of your hair in it.

14. Dry Shampoo From the Ancient

The baby powder + brush combo type racket is a success to dressing up the oiliness of the hair in those days when I didn’t have time to wash. “Sprinkle” the talcum powder on the brush and gently tap to remove excess. With his hair all back, comb making moves that begin on the forehead and go to the end of the wires. If you want to remove excess of talc, go spreading with hands.