13 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles At Home

As technology and consumption have advanced, pollution has grown, which has had a strong impact on the environment by damaging important natural resources and extinguishing many species of flora and fauna.

For centuries human beings have mistreated our own environment regardless of whether this is leading to self-destruction.

The good news is that today many are becoming aware and have united around the idea of ​​recycling and reduce as much as possible the environmental damages derived from human consumption.

For this reason, today recycling has become a necessary trend, to which all can be united making good decisions with the handling of materials that are reusable.

The plastic bottles are part of these elements that year after year generate tons of garbage of difficult decomposition. The best way to avoid it is by not buying the products that come in them and choosing the ones that are returnable.

However, if you already have some at home, it is good to leave them separately from other waste and give them different uses not to throw them away.

On this occasion we are going to share a very interesting proposal that consists in the reuse of these containers. Do you like the idea? Do not miss it!

1. Vertical Garden

The bottles are perfect for creating small plant pots. They can be cut in many ways and holes can also be made for water to seep out.

A good idea is to plant several herbs and sort them vertically on the wall or on a shelf. It will look beautiful!

2. Organizers

Many times we have accessories or small size products irrigated everywhere, risking them to be lost.

One practical way to put everything in your order is by making small organizer jars with plastic bottles . They can be decorated and cut into curious shapes.

3. Lamp

There are hundreds of ideas for making beautiful lamps from jars or plastic material. In this case it is made with green bottles, which are cut in the form of small leaves to gradually give it its shape.

4. Magazine Rack

For those large gallons there is a very particular use that can be very helpful at home or in the office: a magazine!

5. Multi-Purpose Containers

How about some nice purses or containers? They can be used to store small items such as buttons, coins or pins .

In this case the bases of the containers are used that have a form similar to that of a flower. Decorative tape can be painted and added.

6. Curtain

The flower-shaped bases that usually have the most plastic bottles can also be used to create a beautiful handmade curtain. Simply cut them very carefully and join them through a fabric with strong thread.

7. Adorable Flowerpots

With a little time and creativity you can cut the bottles in the form of tenderanimals to make a garden more decorated.

8. Pet Food Dispenser

With one or more plastic containers you can make creative food dispensers for house pets or stray animals.

9. Portalapiceros

By cutting off the top of the jars you can make a handy pen holder to organize them in the office or in the house. They are decorative and allow you to give them an order to find them always in the same place.

10. Jeweler

These flower shapes are very suitable for making beautiful projects. Another way to use them is to make a fun multi-story jewelry box.

11. Solar Bulb

It seems incredible, but the truth is that transparent bottles can be very useful for making a solar light bulb.

Simply drill a hole in the roof, large enough to push the bottle full of water. It is fixed with an airtight seal or glue and ready. The lighting is immediate.

12. Piggy Bank

Do you want to start saving on a piggy bank? You will no longer need to buy one of those sold in the market, it will be more fun to make it at home . Let’s do it!

13. Baskets

With those containers that are larger and come in a thicker material can be made multipurpose baskets to save anything from school supplies to decorations and magazines.