10 Tips-How to Dry Clothes Without Creating Scars Or Deformities

From Jeans to Underwear/Panties. Increases the durability of the parts, in addition to facilitate your life.

Did you know that there are ways to hang clothes on the Clothesline that facilitate in time to pass, is it the mark? If you said yes, you can ignore this post. If you said no, check this awesome post of proexchangerates:

“The correct way to hang the clothes on the Clothesline assists in the maintenance of the forms and colors of the pieces and may help in time to pass. Not to have problems with dirt and stains after washing, make sure that the line is clean and give preference to fasteners (or preachers) of plastic in good condition. The home organizer Ingrid Lisbon teaches how to extend some pieces.


The first step is to turn it inside out. That care will ensure that your pockets are well dried. The trick is to arrest her the Clothesline through the legs, what will make your pants dry faster and, if you are under the Sun, fade less in the areas of greater evidence. If the line is located in an area subject to intense wind, secure it using a preacher in each leg.


The piece should be hung from above. Use two fasteners on the sides, folding about four fingers in the waistband. Do not hang the piece by folding it in half, because the drying time increases and the tissue can make creases.

Strap blouse

When hanging the spaghetti straps, water weight during drying tends to deform and extend the play, pulling on the straps. So the best is to extend it to dry by.

Women’s blouses

It is best to hang them on the rack before putting on the line, not to run the risk of the preacher or the own clothesline support mark the blouse. Pieces of silk, satin, cotton and gauze with applications such as embroidery and motifs, for example, should be dried on hangers. The caution here is to insert the tool under the piece and not by the collar, not to damage the top of her blouse. If necessary, attach the hook of the hanger to a clothesline clothespin clothing.


The shirts should also be hung on the Clothesline on hangers. Such care prevents wrinkles and leaves the piece easier to pass. You don’t have to button the whole play to make sure she doesn’t slip off the rack, just close the first button. Para avoid deformations in the play, distribute correctly the shoulders of the shirt over the body of the coat hanger.

Knitted blouse

Mesh parts, wool and cashmere deform easily. For this reason, the ideal is to put them to dry on a flat surface and allowing ventilation, as the Clothesline. To give more support to the piece, has a towel on the stems of the Clothesline, such care will leave the surface more uniform and prevent the shirt from slipping. Theuse of the body of the piece, fix the two sleeves on the towel, so there is a risk of deforming the blouse.


To avoid deformations, the piece needs to be hung with the collar down. Andm instead of put a clothespin at each end of the t-shirt, fold more or less four fingers bar and put two fasteners in most central points to fix.


These pieces should also be hung on hanger, so dresses weren’t marked by preacher and even dry faster. The exception is for models of Jersey which, when hanging from the coat rack, can warp. The solution, in this case, is put to dry just like the knitted blouses, i.e. staying on a towel on the Clothesline.

Intimate parts

Briefs and panties can be hung in three ways, through the Middle, with a preacher, making room for new pieces, or by Kos. Simply bending two fingers of the waist band and put a clothespin in the middle. The third alternative is to hold the bottom of the piece. Just fold and put a preacher.