10 Tips For Who’s Afraid Of Look Older By Using Jewelry

For starters, consider the rule number 1: style is not excessive so I don’t end up parecerendo more aged. It is a fact that some parts, when mal combined, make you look instantly at least five years older. On one occasion, Yves Saint Laurent, said that elegance is moderation. With this idea in mind, follow the Decalogue of how to use and not use jewels.

Tricks To Not Making Mistakes In Use Of Jewels

  1. It’s Not The “How”, But The “How”

Actually, it’s not so much the amount, but the way you use these gems. Add more years to your age a pearl necklace that seven midi rings on his fingers.

  1. Keep Track Of Trends

Try to get inspiration and find what matches your age and appearance in casual style or ‘ street style ‘ on eJewelry. Details such as the earcuffs (which are the earrings that cover much of the pinna), in own earlobe piercings and even in the nasal septum can be a trend for you.

  1. Pearls, But The Type Micro

They say that they illuminate the face and are the simplest jewel that exists. However, the Audrey Hepburn look should only her age. Try using pearls as minipiercings and points of light.

  1. Choose Vibrant Colors

The coral and green tones illuminate the face and are a way to make your look more casual opinion. Combine maxibrincos with a basic t-shirt and ready visual of your weekend and leisure.

  1. Replace The Crown By Earring

After the boom of the crowns and head arrangements used at weddings and ceremonial events in recent years, bet on a modern look. Choose maxibrincos can enhance your visual without the need for additional accessories.

  1. Say Yes To The Rings Midi

Trend of the last three seasons, still phalanx rings charm combined with boho style clothes.

  1. And Also The Chains Of Body (Body)

Celebrate gradually increasing temperature parading the jewel of body using the fashionistas and celebrities: chains of abdomen, back and body.

  1. A Lipstick Can Be As Elegant As A Piece Of Jewelry

It’s a classic, but the red lipstick can completely change your look. Find your tone between the multitude of nuances: the Red favours all women, Blondes or Brunettes, because it gives volume to lips, contrasts with the tone of the teeth and brighten the smile. In addition, it shows that you are positive and sure of herself.

  1. Analyze Well The Sum Of Jewelry+Hair+Your Your Visual

As in everything in life (and fashionable), is a matter of proportions. The maxim that less is more can save you from ageing five years more.

  1. Jewelry As Well On Your Feet

As Carrie Bradshaw, the shoes are a woman’s best friend. And peers as Chanel, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are like jewels in the feet.