10 Looks with Pencil Skirt to Enhance the Silhouette

The more formal models as the most modern and relaxed like pencil skirt women all over the world. Whatever the situation, you can create beautiful looks with pencil skirt. The possibilities are really varied and this is one of the great advantages of this piece so versatile. Keep us in the matter of today that will show you 10 looks with amazing pencil skirt and still 11 tips on how to rock with this piece of clothing.

When the pencil skirt?

The pencil skirt was created at the beginning of 40 years by the renowned French designer Christian Dior. At that time, happened to World War II. During this period, became practically a luxury item and so the solution was to create models that would be more fair to the body and thus spend less.

In addition to a different way of dressing, the pencil skirt also became the symbol of the new woman who needed to take the reins of the family while your husband was in combat in the war. For this reason, the pencil skirt was always very formal, since women started to use it in a professional environment. At the same time, also had a great seductive appeal and went on to be used by influential and respected figures of the time such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Generally, pencil skirts has length up to their knees, but sometimes can vary, being a little shorter or a little longer. Your modeling features tightly to the body at the hips and tapered more as drops to his knees.

11 tips on how to use pencil skirt

There are few secrets to adhere to looks with pencil skirt. Initially the play had a more professional appeal, but today can be combined with virtually all parts of the garment for being really versatile and elegant.

Here are some tips on how to use the play before giving the looks with pencil skirt we’ve selected for you.

1. Tight

Be careful with the pencil skirt if you are very thin because it thins even more the silhouette and can leave you looking sick, especially if your hip region is too small.

2. Very plump

If you’re too plump can bet on pencil skirt since their measures are proportional or since you don’t worry about what others might say or think, after all, we know the body “cheinhos” are the laughingstock of our society When we wear clothes not socially accepted for our body type. If you have very large hips or belly, run the risk of having the volume in the region increased. If you don’t want to highlight this aspect of your body, it’s not a good idea to bet on looks with pencil skirt. Otherwise, it’s just dress up and be happy!

3. high and low Women

The pencil skirt below the knee length is a great option for women. This choice helps to elongate the silhouette. Short women already, if you want to add a few centimeters in height, your should choose the length pencil skirts just above the knee.

4. Type of fabric

When you are looking to buy pencil skirts, prefer the softer tissue and structured as those with spandex in your composition. So, make it easier to walk and move around smoothly without looking like a Geisha.

5. ideal Footwear

In most cases, a pencil skirt combines more with high-heeled shoes and elongated beak. You can also use the pencil skirt with sneakers, sneakers and shoes, but in these cases you have to choose the other parts with great care to create a visual balance.

6. Excessive formality

Generally speaking, the pencil skirts are quite formal. If you are dressing for a non-professional occasion, be careful with the “black pencil skirt + white shirt” so it doesn’t look like you just stepped out of the Office.

7. Bet on a combination stripped

As we said, the pencil skirt is very versatile and does not need to be used only in formal occasions. You can bet on more stripped-down and sports combinations combining play with t-shirts and fun prints, for example. For more simplicity yet, try pencil skirts of less formal fabrics such as jeans.

8. Jackets and coats

A commonly used in conjunction with the pencil skirt is the leather. This is a great way to let the look contemporary and less formal, but still full of sensuality and power. Another great mate pencil skirts is the jacket tailoring. The shorter and righteous leave more serious composition, while the longer and broader modeling flee conventional and break the seriousness of the look.

9. Breaking the sobriety with prints

When wearing a pencil skirt of neutral color, especially black and grays, try to break the sobriety of the look with patterned blouses and modern accessories. You can also choose patterned skirts and blouses.

10. Using pencil skirt in the winter

Yes, you can create amazing looks with pencil skirt also in winter. Use and abuse of the piece on colder days investing in coats, sweaters, cardigans and jackets. The idea is to bet into smaller pieces so that the skirt keep in evidence. Don’t be afraid to include a pantyhose in the Assembly’s look to create a warm and elegant production.

11. Blouses for inside or outside?

When using a pencil skirt, preferably choose to put tops, shirts, t-shirts or any other piece from the top inside of the skirt. More free models combine better because contrasts with the skirt and balance the silhouette, but you can also try fairer models.

10 looks with pencil skirt for you success

Below, you will check 10 looks with pencil skirt that will complement the 11 tips that you just read and will help you compose many amazing visuals. Be inspired and get ready for success with a pencil skirt in all places and times.