Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Dehydrated skin is difficult to treat if you don’t use the right products – even more in terms of makeup is concerned. Unlike the greasy skins where you need to “prepare the canvas”, here you must search moisturize the face the most. Face It is a fact that powder or even minerals cosmetics may aggravate […]

Formal Dresses Retro Style
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Formal Dresses Retro Style

Now in this new article I want to show you a wide variety of the latest trends in dresses of 15 years for gorditas. If you’re one of the women who always want to be stylish and look more elegant dresses, especially for the celebration of the feast of fifteen years, this article you will […]


Cheap Cycling Clothing Sets

Our customer Pali after winter cycling test set, decided to use the opportunity of our cycling blog and share their impressions. Surely you know it: ,, summer ends, even the Indian “and some of you faces serious decision: keep or neuschovat your bike in the garage ?!” Most cyclists it takes “sporty” and voluntarily go in […]


How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down?

Several methods to teach “lying” to your dog! As soon as it is tiny, the dog loves learning new tricks! For him, it’s an opportunity to develop his intelligence (and to win treats), and for you, these are special moments together! A most useful basic towers, is to teach your dog to lie down on […]

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The Hottest Phase of Motherhood

And after 3 long years the blog finally gets a new layout! I decided to change the old photos of them baby, just a picture that represented well the moment that we’re in right now; a delicious moment, mature, where we’re going 3 for the same side, United always!

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Trousseau For Pregnant Women

I swear, I searched a lot a post that told me what I was going to need to buy during pregnancy. I found very few, and still were very weak and almost didn’t help me. 

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The Origin Of The White Wedding Dress

Have you thought about the color of your dress? Well, most likely it will be white, ice, off white, or very light colors like these. This is very common and the white wedding dress has already become a tradition in Brazil and in the world. But do you know the reason for this tradition?

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Fashion Gestation: Clothing and Shoes for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a phase of transformation, much dreamed by most women. In this period, the body assumes new curves, already thinking of the adaptation of the woman waiting for the so-awaited baby. It is also in this stage that the feminine wardrobe opens to new possibilities, showing that pregnant women can, yes, elaborate comfortable, modern […]


Types of Bikini Wax Styles

There are almost as many sand as there are bikinis. According to, women’s bikinis are designed in countless shapes, colors, fabrics and combinations. But what kind of bikini fits you, and how to wear it? The bandeau bikini is one of the most popular swimwear. The bandeau bikini is suitable for the women with […]


The Proper Use of the “Fishing Knots”

It is a detail of the utmost importance, the fact to correct each of the attachments that we think tying to make the fishery fishing knots . An incorrectly made knot can wreck with Miss capture because it is untying it and the fish to escape. In this article you’ll learn some very important data, […]